Thursday, January 25, 2007

Killing People To Solve Social Problems

Focus on the Family carried a story yesterday about lawyers in New Brunswick who are planning to challenge provincial restrictions on abortions, calling them discriminatory.

(Funny...that nowhere in their thinking do the lawyers make room for the notion that the unborn face their ultimate, and final, discrimination every time there is an abortion.)

Nevertheless, in the FOTF report, it was reported that Dr. Jo Ann Majerovich, who is assisting the legal team comprised of lawyers, doctors and others, said the following:
“But also [women] are sometimes forced to continue with unintended pregnancy, so down the road . . . you have kids having kids they are not prepared for. Essentially you are condemning them to lives of poverty.”
How much intelligence does it take to figure out that at least one of Dr. Majerovich's arguments for justifying abortion is that because a child might face poverty after birth, the best remedy is to kill the child before that happens.

That's just plain STUPID! In what other circumstances would we ever try to use such a rationale? Children can face all sorts of difficult circumstances in life, not the least of which is sickness and other disability. Would the average person use such reasons to defend the killing of a toddler? It's plain ridiculous. And Dr. Jo Ann Majerovich is an "educated" professional. Shame on her and her colleagues for such shallow, emotional rhetoric when another life is at stake.

That's the problem with the abortion advocates. It's not only that they don't respect life, they simply don't respect logical thinking. In fact they refuse to think logically in regard to defending their statements. This doctor's comment reminds me of Ron Weddington’s similar argument which was exposed and refuted on STR's blog entry earlier this year.
So what's the issue? What is the unborn? It just underscores again the importance of clarifying that it's not discussions of poverty and abuse that matter, but “What is the unborn?” That's the question sitting in everyone's living room like an elephant. We must force people to engage it by asking the right questions.


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