Thursday, January 11, 2007

Vote Life Canada Profile

Legalized abortion, like all state sponsored injustice, is founded on false premises and is opposed to truth, reason and natural law. It fosters, sustains and thrives in a climate of prejudice against the unborn child who is an unseen victim.

By all lawful means, Canadians need to be awakened and alerted to the monstrous injustice of abortion and, where helpful, to its various contributing causes. Vote Life, Canada! is an educational parachurch organization which exists to advance such an objective and to carry it forward to its logical and necessary end, which is complete legal protection for all unborn Canadians through recognition of their full personhood.

Through coordinated ventures with church leaders and by means of special multimedia presentations and other educational enterprises, Vote Life, Canada! exposes the plight of the unborn. Christians are then challenged to take responsible action through the exercise of their democratic voting duties with a view to change existing laws.

Canadians are urged to join in every possible way in supporting Vote Life, Canada! for the earliest possible fulfillment of its just and worthy goals.


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