Thursday, June 21, 2007

Press Release Vote Life, Canada! Sends Reminder To Pro-Life Christians

Vote Life, Canada! Continues to Urge Pro-Life Christians to Recognize the Incomparable Role of Catholic Bishops in Defending the Unborn and to Keep Themselves Informed

Contact: Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada! 403-253-1577

Calgary, AB, June 21/—On Monday of this week, Vote Life, Canada! distributed a news release advising the public of the Open Letter to Catholic Bishops issued by Vote Life, Canada! This open letter was entitled “Vote Life, Canada! Summons Catholic Bishops to Take First Step in Stopping Legalized Child Killing in Canada by Halting the Sacrilegious Abuse of Holy Communion by Catholics.”

The Open Letter warned of the dangerous consequences to Canadian society, and particularly to the safety of unborn children, when Catholic Bishops fail to properly discipline Catholics who sacrilegiously receive Holy Communion. The tragic consequences are compounded when the individuals involved are Catholic politicians whose legislative decisions destroy the moral and Christian underpinnings of our nation and threaten Canada’s very future.

Co-incidentally, later on in the same day of the Vote Life, Canada! press release, LifeSiteNews carried a news story entitled “Church Hierarchy's Lack of Willingness to Discipline Said ‘Biggest Reason’ for Loss of Marriage Battle.” Dealing with the identical theme, Phil Lawler, the editor and founder of Catholic World News, was quoted as saying, “The corruption among the hierarchy, he said, ‘has taken the form of compromising on principles of Catholic doctrine and discipline, in an attempt to gain public respectability.’”

Vote Life, Canada! further stresses how important it is for all Christians and pro-lifers, particularly Catholics, to recognize the incomparable role which Catholic Bishops possess in promoting justice and peace in Canadian society through a strict adherence to official Catholic teachings. Although some might consider it a controversial statement, the failure by so many Canadian Bishops in this regard is sinking Canada and indirectly resulting in the deaths of over 100,000 unborn Canadians yearly.

Vote Life, Canada! maintains a very active blogsite where current events and issues are placed in proper context with the legalized killing of the Unborn in Canada. Three of the latest posts have dealt in detail with the recent controversy surrounding Cardinal George Pell’s public comments to Catholic politicians in Australia. The first posting is entitled Dear Pope Benedict, Cardinal Pell Needs Help. Please Send Archbishop Burke.

Canadians concerned with the question of legal rights for the Unborn and the rescue of Canadian society are urged to regularly visit the Vote Life, Canada! blogsite as well as the website.

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