Friday, July 13, 2007

Contracepting The Environment

A few weeks ago, I identified what I considered to be the Trojan Horse of Modern Christian Societies, i.e. contraception.

A Trojan horse by definition is someone or something intended to defeat or subvert from within usually by deceptive means. A more contemporary term might be “fifth column” or “mole.” I also alluded to the sinister connection between contraception and abortion which always exists in a pagan culture and which has been constantly noted by Christian theologians.

I won’t rehash the content of that posting but I will note the extremely lame arguments offered by otherwise impressive minds when it comes to defending contraception. A simple review of the experience of sincere Christians seeking the truth about birth control is in itself very revealing. These sorts of accounts, more than anything else, testify to the deafening silence in the Christian community as a whole on the subject of contraception.

But contraception is more than a Trojan horse or a fifth column. It is also Christianity’s “sacred cow,” as confirmed by a very alarming story brought to light this week. It concerned the fact that hormonal contraceptives [birth control pills] are polluting our drinking water supplies yet environmentalists are turning a blind eye. Apparently the massive amounts of synthetic birth control hormones being pumped into the water systems through sewage outflow is changing the sex of fish stocks. issued a good summary of the article and noted

The National Catholic Register, reporting on the issue, quotes George Harden, a board member of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, saying "If you're killing mosquitoes to save people from the West Nile virus, you can count on secular environmentalists to lay down in front of the vapour truck, claiming some potential side effect that might result from the spray," Harden said. "But if birth control deforms fish - backed by the proof of an EPA study - and threatens the drinking supply, mum will be the word."
The answer to the problem, if indeed society is even prepared to face up to it as a problem, will include some extremely radical thinking, as noted in the final paragraphs of the NCR article:

To avoid genetically modified crops, Ball said, one needed only to buy organic, genetically modified organism-free products at health food stores. Asking residents to stop polluting water with hormones, however, “gets into the bedroom.”

“I’m not going there,” Ball said. “This involves people’s personal lives, child bearing issues, sex lives and personal choices. Maybe people are saying, ‘O my God, what do we do about this?’

As shocking and traumatic as the proposition is of altering sexual behaviour in order to save the drinking water and the fishes, the environmental link is relatively low on the list of impacts to modern “Christian” society by the contraceptive mentality. A very good case can be made for contraception as the major contributing cause of our demographic collapse, immigration crisis, looming financial catastrophe and also for the rise of the Islamic threat, a deadly combination which, if not drastically curbed—and immediately—could signal the end of Western civilization as we know it.

Troy was destroyed by the Trojan horse of the Greeks. Will we fare any better from the effects of our Trojan horse?

It really depends on our courage to face up to the truth and to act decisively.



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