Thursday, August 02, 2007

CELIBRATE Celebrates Celibacy

Young teen Rebecca Reilly writes about a new organization called Celibrate.

Celibrate is an organization that caters for those living without sex. This is a not-for-profit organization that aims to counteract the sexualization of our society and the harm this has done by providing support, encouragement and reassurance to everyone, regardless of age, background or faith, who is living without sex.

Their motto is: No Sex, so what? All the team at the Celibrate organization believe that your virginity is something to be treasured, and they also want to bring together the many people out there who do live without sex, to show them that they are never alone if they choose to refrain from having any sexual activities.

It’s a great encouragement to find young people everywhere discovering the beauty of God’s gift of chastity. Rebecca is from Great Britain and has an amazing story of her own. Find it here.

Unfortunately, Celibrate seems to take no position at all on contraception. This is a serious drawback to any discussion of chastity and to cultivating a true and biblical culture of life. Hopefully organizers of the site will examine the great threat that contraception poses to marital chastity and take the necessary steps to achieve a fully biblical and Christian approach.

The is an example of such an approach.

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