Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eugenics And Culture Of Perfection Kills Two Innocent Unborns

Every abortion is tragic and deadly, sometimes doubly so.

Italian Hospital Aborts Healthy Twin and Leaves Handicapped Sibling
Mother returns and has Down syndrome child aborted

, Italy, August 27, 2007 ( - A fierce abortion debate has erupted in Italy after a mother pregnant with twins reported doctors to the authorities for aborting her healthy unborn baby while leaving the handicapped one alive.

Italian news agencies recently discovered that a hospital killed the "wrong" child in a pair of unborn twins in June. According to media reports, after the 38-year old woman discovered the so-called "mistake", she returned and had the second one, who was suffering from Down Syndrome, aborted. She then reported medical staff, who are currently under investigation by the police.

Rest of article here and here.

How can we tolerate such evil and disgusting practices?

Actually, this kind of horror happens every day in Canada.

You say, Really? I’ve never heard of such a ghastly mistake in Canada.

Oh, but you must have forgot—EVERY abortion is a ghastly mistake.

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