Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Pro-Life Movement In Canada Thanks Bishop Frederick Henry Of Calgary

When the baby-killers start using the statements of Catholic Bishops to rebuke pro-lifers and to squelch dissent from their holocaust agendas, it’s time for more Canadians to speak up and let their voices be heard.

Of all the news stories coming out of the Canadian media this week in response to the CCBR’s latest campaign, most, if not all of them have used Bishop Henry’s statements as a counterargument to and ammunition against that campaign and thereby against the cause of the Unborn.

Bishop Henry may have saved himself some embarrassment from the squeamish “moderate” [even pro-choice] Catholics in his diocese and from too many of his fellow Bishops but at what price?

A very sad element of this story is that pro-life leaders in Canada are afraid to speak the truth about Bishop Henry’s actions.

Who are the real losers in this tragedy?

Again, it’s innocent, vulnerable children who have no voices of their own.

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