Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Center For Bio-Ethical Reform Conducts GAP Display At MTSU

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (US version) is catching peoples’ attention again. Much like our own Canadian version did recently in Calgary.

This time they conducted the GAP display at Middle Tennessee State University.

WKRN, Nashville has video and a short report “Graphic Anti-Abortion Protest Angers Some Students."

Fletcher Armstrong, of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, said the comparison is valid because all are victims.

He said, “People need to see it. If they don't see it, they can’t understand the horror of what abortion really is much the same...way people could never understand Holocaust unless they saw the pictures of what happened in the death camps.”
For a very refreshing change, the university spokesperson emphasized the CBR is simply “exercising the right of free speech, just like any other group,” and he stated clearly that he encouraged the exchange of ideas and dialogue.
He said, “I really encourage that because the more dialogues we can have the better, dialogue is important.”

It sounds as though he actually believes that people should be able to express their viewpoints—even in public venues of the institutions of higher learning—without fear of being arrested.

How open-minded and truly liberal! And his colleague, as reported in this account, seems to likewise agree.

In a letter to the editor, Bob Glenn, vice president for Student Affairs and vice provost for Enrollment Management, said, "The rightness or wrongness of their view point is beside the point. They have the right to assert their viewpoint. Consequently, if we value the First Amendment then we must carefully safeguard all expressions, even those we don't like. Or perhaps I should say especially those that we don't like because when we step on the slippery slope of making judgments about what expressions are acceptable, our own expressions may soon be in jeopardy."

Needless to say, in setting up GAP displays, the CBR is accused of infringing on other persons’ rights and freedoms, and of even being "sneaky." Apparently some parties don’t think they should be subject to the CBR’s “political propaganda” and “horrific” displays on their way to classes on campus.

According to them, it disrupts their schedule, offends their sensibilities and rains on their parade. And presumably because they find this display offensive and upsetting they would like those who consider abortion the killing of innocent children and a modern day holocaust to just take their message somewhere else—anywhere else!

But the question remains: Does their message reflect the truth, and if so, what must be the response of the passerby who is a genuine truth-seeker?

Some will take issue with the whole idea of being able to know or discover truth, claiming it just isn’t possible and that all we really have is everyone’s opinion—one being as good as the other.

That particular ideology is termed “moral relativism” and at its roots it denies the authority of God, Christ, the Church and the Scriptures.

“…and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32- Jesus Christ, Son of God

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