Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dr. Albert Mohler on IVF and Evangelicals, Men and Abortion

Dr. Albert Mohler posts two great additions to his blog, one on the recent emphasis in the LA Times on men’s’ voices in the abortion debate and another on IVF.

"We Had Abortions . . . . I've Had Abortions" -- A New Voice in the Abortion Debate

A new voice is emerging in the abortion debate, and this voice is a powerful witness to the tragedy of killing the unborn. This voice is the voice of the fathers of abortion.

"A Rather Unexpected Aspect of IVF" -- Over a Million Human Embryos Destroyed in Britain

Far too many evangelicals seem to turn a blind eye to this reality. While we celebrate the birth of a child and the gift of life, we cannot blind ourselves to the harsh and grotesque reality that this technology also means the destruction of human life.

Many evangelicals fail to see what many proponents of human embryonic stem cell research have noted -- a glaring inconsistency in condemning the destruction of human embryos through stem cell research, while ignoring or dismissing the destruction of embryos in IVF clinics.

More here on in-vitro fertilization.

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