Thursday, January 25, 2007

Indiana Senator Has The Right Plan

These are the sort of bills that Canadians need to advocate for and promote aggressively to their MP's. If your MP wavers with respect to the personhood status of the unborn, then it's time to win over your MP or campaign for a new MP. Canada's future success and prosperity depends upon this. The unborn will never be safe until our laws grant them the same personhood status as every other Canadian has.

Indiana State Senator Patricia Miller's bill, if passed, defines personhood as beginning at the moment the female egg is fertilized. She maintains that any woman who is considering an abortion should know that the procedure ends a human life. And she says in order for women to make an informed decision, they should also be told that their unborn child will feel the horrible pain of being aborted.

This is not speculation but a medical fact, she says, that is backed up by videos of unborn children reacting to pain. She also points out that surgery is being performed on infants in utero -- before birth -- to correct problems.


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