Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grandmother's Graphic Pictures of Abortion Too Effective

ProLife America reports on this story.

A Christian "pro-life" grandmother has failed in a High Court bid to overturn her conviction for sending pictures of aborted foetuses to pharmacists through the post.

Two senior judges ruled she had no right to cause distress to others who might see the pictures.

Lord Justice Dyson said: "I would hold that it has been convincingly shown that the conviction of Mrs Connolly on the facts of this case was necessary in a democratic society.

It might be called democracy but you sure couldn’t call it freedom of speech or freedom of religion. Great Britain is zooming down the slippery slope, hurtling to the bottom it seems.

Apparently it’s ok to cut a fetus to shreds in the womb or vacuum it out of the womb as human mash but if someone actually tries to alert others [using pictures] to the graphic consequences of those actions, somehow it’s against the law. It’s an invasion of privacy. It’s too stressful.


What’s next?

Well, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see that the next step is to banish ALL graphic images foisted upon an “unsuspecting” public.

And that sad development might be coming soon to a city near you…in Canada. Why not? We're on that same slippery slope here in Canada.

The use of graphic images by the pro-life movement is essential. In fact, Vote Life, Canada! maintains that Until Canada sees abortion, Canada will not reject abortion.

However, if we don’t find a better way…and SOON! start swaying Canadians to the cause of the unborn, we’re going to run out of time, very much like Great Britain has. The brandishing of graphic images may no longer be legal.

No, I’m afraid that I have to agree, as much as my heart is with that Christian grandmother, it is probably the least effective way to use graphic images. And at this point in Canadian society, showing the images in that way probably hurts our cause much more than it helps.

So what is the alternative? Do you see any solutions?


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