Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fight For Unborn Rights Primarily A Spiritual Battle

In a news release this morning from Christian Newswire, we hear of a disturbing court case set for hearing tomorrow at the Stanford University Law School. Again, this is a US case but has implications and offers insights for our Canadian situation.

Surprisingly, rather than centering on the use of specifically “Christian” language in debating the social and moral ills of society, this case deals with the issue of whether Christians have a right to use neutral language in the workplace to talk about same-sex marriage [and consequently other social issues such as “a woman’s right to choose.”]

Indeed, the shocking details of this case illustrate how far down the path of social engineering we have progressed.

This case has the potential to make a horrible judicial edict that suggests that the only thoughts and words allowed in a public workplace are those that support the homosexual agenda. [or again, other issues such as sexual mores in general, abortion, pornography, etc] The city of Oakland has interpreted this district court's ruling to mean that Christianity has no place in our society and should be subject to punishment.

Hearing such news we are forced once more to conclude that the battle which pro-life and pro-family forces fight in Canada is one that is fundamentally aimed against Christianity. That should make it even more apparent that Christians are in a life and death struggle not primarily with some “neutral” force such as secularism but rather with the spiritual forces of hell itself.

That is why the battle to defend the unborn, if it is to be successful, must be fought chiefly by Christians who comprehend the spiritual dynamic of the catastrophe taking place in Canadian society. Further, they must understand the response that God requires of them.

A merely “secular” or "religiously neutral" response is not at all sufficient to repulse a spiritual offensive.


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