Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not Disrespectful to Ask Bishops to Enforce Church Law

Without doubt, I admire Judie Brown of American Life League. She’s a fighter for the unborn. Her pro-life colleagues don’t always agree with her on everything but I think they all respect her.

Her most recent article on her pro-life tactics with the Bishops, entitled, “Honestly, it's charitable,” is well written and balanced I believe.

Needless to say, the scandal in Catholic circles over the issue of abortion continues and every sincere Catholic is obliged to come to their own soul searching conclusion on the role that Catholic Bishops play in the continuing holocaust of abortion.

Judie put things very consisely in her commentary when she wrote:

In the case of a particular bishop, we are not being disrespectful nor are we criticizing nor are we passing judgment when we ask that he lead us by making clear what Church law says, why the law is so specific and what that law means for those who disregard it out of ignorance or arrogance. Each bishop is a shepherd; our efforts to implore him to teach and preach what the Church teaches are a sign of respect.

Why not click through and read her article.


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