Saturday, March 10, 2007

Canadian Pro-Lifer Risks Court For The Unborn

Yesterday AP did a news story on a pro-lifer who faces charges for not filing his tax returns.

Why did he choose not to file his tax returns? [Reminds me of Joe Borowski ]

David T. Little, 62, and a serious minded Christian,

testified that he cannot in good conscience file a tax return anymore because he feels the federal government funds abortion procedures.

Little stopped filing tax returns as a protest against abortion because he said, “the procedure amounts to ‘genocide.’”

I imagine unborn children, both dead and alive, thank God for Canadians like Little who are weighed down with the horror of abortion and believe they must DO SOMETHING! to stop the “genocide.” I thank God as well for Little’s courage in taking his protest right into our court system. He’s suffering and paying a price for his Christian convictions about the sanctity of human life.

Did you notice (if you read the story) that there is a distinct sense of Mr. Little being some kind of weirdo or extremist? I know it’s subtle, but words like “anti-abortion” and “activist” tend to bring the reader to that conclusion. Why didn’t the reporter use words like “pro-lifer” or “advocate” instead? You can see here, in one short newspaper report, the subtle ways that Canadians are intimidated by the political correctness of legal abortion.

I’m glad that Little takes his Catholic faith seriously when we see so few Catholics in Canada who do, but I have a feeling the mere mention of his Catholic upbringing will stimulate more prejudice from other Christian readers and make it appear that “anti-abortion” protest is really only a “Catholic thing.”

God help Christians to join together with a common voice on this, the most barbaric, violent crime of our society. If not on this basis, on what other will it ever be possible?


At 9:07 PM, Blogger SUZANNE said...

The problem is that he's morally obligated to pay his taxes. Even Jesus said to render unto Caesar what is his.

He'd be way more effective picketing or passing out pamphlets.

At 10:52 PM, Blogger ELA said...

I'm not so sure about your assessment Suzanne. I think he has a case for protesting the use of his taxes for a horrific crime against God and humanity.
Also I don't think he would necessarily draw more serious attention to the injustice of abortion by passing out pamphlets or picketing.
I believe his willingness to lose possibly his reputation and his financial security is sending a louder message to a lot of people, some of them farther up the food chain.


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