Monday, March 26, 2007

Simple Non Political Solution To Abortion: Christian Love

Orthodox priest from Urals subsidizes women for not having abortion

Moscow, March 26, Interfax - Orthodox clergy from the town of Alapayevsk, Sverdlovsk Region (Urals), combat demographic crisis by setting a motherhood relief fund.

Women who reject abortion receive a monthly grant of 1,000 rubles from the parish treasury. The motherhood subsidy starts with pregnancy and continues until the baby grows one year old.

The idea belongs to the rector of a local church, Fr. Moisei. The money is drawn from people’s donations and the church building fund.

‘From the viewpoint of religion, abortion is a grave crime. We combat this sin by preaching, but that’s not enough. We should better understand the future mother’s problems. All of them have something that drives them to ask for the horrible operation,’ the priest said.

A woman is required a reference from a gynecologist to get her subsidy. The doctors are first who try to dissuade future mothers from committing the sin. And if the woman appears to be moved to having abortion by material difficulties, the doctors tell her about the financial aid offered by the church.

Fr. Moisei doesn’t care what religion the woman holds. A future mother in need will receive assistance even if she is atheistic. The doctors note that since the antiabortion crusade started there has been 40 percent decline in number of abortions in the town, NTV reports.

This story illustrates one incontrovertible fact about the tragedy of abortion: A key dynamic is money.

In terms of monthly wages, I don't know how much 1000 rubles translates into in Russia but this is a very bold move by Church leaders to address the needs of women facing the choice of abortion. A 40% decline must represent hundreds of unborns! Thank God for this priest!

However, the report also indicates the power of love, measured by pure generosity, in addressing the number of abortions. If only Christians everywhere would put their money where they say their heart is, and suffer the sacrifices necessary to do so, so many of the evils in society could be addressed. And it's not simply the's the love accompanying it that will do so much more for the women and families involved as well.

Addressing abortion is hardly as simple as the solution shown here, but Canadians take note, it's an inspiring start! And Church leaders especially take note: you could inspire a host of other Christians, perhaps an entire nation, by taking some kind of similar bold step.

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