Saturday, March 24, 2007

Constitutional Right To Abortion In Canada?

As we have stated on the Vote Life, Canada! website,
Legalized abortion, like all state sponsored injustice, is founded on false premises and is opposed to truth, reason and natural law. It fosters, sustains and thrives in a climate of prejudice against the unborn child who is an unseen victim.

Here’s a recent good example.

ARCC, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, which describes itself as “the only nation-wide political pro-choice group devoted to ensuring abortion rights and access for women,” carries an article on its website entitled “Abortion Is a ‘Medically Required’ Service and Cannot be Delisted.”

This is actually one of ARCC’s position papers and it is rife with exaggeration and the usual pro-abortion deception and rhetoric.

I’ll allow the reader to peruse their ludicrous document and in this posting I’ll restrict my comments to the ARCC’s claim that “legal, accessible abortion is also a Charter right guaranteed to women,” which appears in their position paper under the heading “Access to abortion is a constitutional right.”

However, this is deception pure and simple.

Just this week, on March 21, a pro-life panel on abortion and the law at Carleton University found that despite claims by pro-choice activists, there is no constitutional right to abortion.

Lawyer and Laurentian Leadership Centre director Janet Epp Buckingham called the claims of a constitutional right to abortion a “disturbing trend.”

“This is not the law in Canada,” she said, explaining the 1988 Morgentaler decision that struck down Canada’s abortion law recognized “there is a legitimate government interest in protecting the unborn.”

Under the old Criminal Code provision, abortions were permitted when the life or health of the mother was endangered. The Supreme Court found that in some cases women had to wait as long as eight weeks for a legally-required committee of three doctors to okay the procedure. In some jurisdictions, hospitals did not have the committees.

The court found that for women who faced health risks carrying a pregnancy to term, this delay infringed their right to life and security of the person under Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Buckingham said.

Buckingham pointed out the court insisted on a balancing of the rights of women and the rights of the fetus.

Liberal MP Tom Wappel (Scarborough Southwest, Ont.) described the so-called “constitutional right to abortion” as a misstatement of the law and an example of a big lie being repeated enough so that it becomes believed as the truth. Discovering the facts is “simply as easy as reading the decision,” he said.

When you decide to fight the truth, as abortion advocates do, you end up constructing an entire network of lies, striving endlessly and noisily to maintain the deception, and hoping everybody is sufficiently intimidated as to never call you on the lie. In most cases, for the honest person, discovering the facts is “simply as easy as reading the decision.”

Mike Shaw made some interesting comments on this same theme recently when he said,

It is no wonder, then, that the advocates of abortion have to work ceaselessly. They are on the ultimate fool's errand. After all, it takes great effort to cause people to act against the natural law. And when they do, they limit the numbers on their side.


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