Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Peter Krahn Courts Pro-Life Activists

Suzanne at Big Blue Wave makes some very good points about a news report that B.C. politician Peter Krahn is courting the pro-life vote in his area. He is seeking the federal Conservative nomination in North Vancouver.

Suzanne has some unique insight into how pro-lifers ought to vote and ought not to vote. The shallowness by which many pro-lifers live out their pro-life convictions is often shocking.

As for politician Peter Krahn, the report notes Krahn as saying, "Personally, I don't support abortions," but [and this is always where you know the spin has begun] "rather than banning them outright...yada yada yada...we need to minimize them." I'll let Suzanne's words suffice.

Vote Life, Canada! offers an informative guide on How to Vote Life, otherwise labelled as The Christian's Guide to Successful Living, which includes a section on slippery "pro-life" candidates.

If adhered to by a large number of Christians, How to Vote Life would be a first step for Canada in coming out of its crisis by halting the killing of innocent unborn human beings.


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