Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dirty Dancing Telltale Sign Of Societal Perversion

The 1987 movie “Dirty Dancing” marks its twentieth anniversary this month.

I wonder how many Christians of our day think fondly of this movie. Sadly, I suspect many.

I recall seeing the film myself many years ago and missing its awful, and telling, message. Imagine...such a happy ending yet a child was aborted! Did anyone even think about the little child in the story who was killed? Who even noticed the real message of this "nostalgic" Hollywood movie?

Well, I'll let Raymond Keating of Dakota Voice give you his perspective on this "innocent story of first love." His last paragraph summed up well his thoughts.
“Dirty Dancing” was the perfect post-Sixties-sexual-revolution movie. It had lousy acting (Swayze is particularly bad) and a lame story, though, admittedly, some good music. Sex was of the very casual variety. Abortion was a matter of convenience. And the movie ran thick with a phony caring. Baby wanted to go out and save the world through the Peace Corp or economic development programs (no, I’m not kidding, that’s in the film), but she did not hesitate when lying to her father to get money for an abortion. There were no qualms offered by anyone over the abortion. All of the characters ranked as morally immature.

For some, this is what passes as innocent, heartwarming and nostalgia. How sad. How depressing. How predictable.

Fellow Christians, it's time to get a real good look at ourselves. What would Jesus Christ, our Lord, have said about this "innocent" love story? Would he have protested the death of the innocent child? Would he have been ready to overturn some tables while we paid our dollars for such "entertainment?"


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