Friday, May 04, 2007

Laws Have The Power Of Life And Death Over The Unborn

Bertha Wilson, the first woman appointed to the Supreme of Canada, died over the weekend of Alzheimer's disease, it was disclosed Monday. Wilson was 83. She was appointed to the Canadian high court by then-Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau in 1982 after having become the first woman appointed to the Court of Appeal for Ontario in 1975.
This news of course has been highly publicized and there are numerous sources online. The excerpt above is from The Jurist, University of Pittsburg. Sorry, there are lots of Canadian sources too but I took special note of this summary for the particular sentence below:
In 1988 she authored the Supreme Court's decision in R. v. Morgantaler that overturned Criminal Code of Canada restrictions on abortion, and in 1990 in R. v Lavallee she accepted battered-wife syndrome as a legitimate defense to a murder charge.
It would appear that Madame Wilson had a soft spot for lending justification to women to kill under "extreme" conditions...and I don't mean simply under conditions of simply self defense.

Thanks Madame Wilson for paving the way for millions of unborn Canadians to be massacred in the womb...with the sanction and protection of Canadian law. May God have mercy on your soul.

P.S. In an effort to detract from my point of mothers being given legal protection to kill their unborn children, I'm sure the radical feminists will accuse me of favouring wife battering. I assume reasonable human beings will see my emphasis here.



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