Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cardinal Pell Another Example of A People-Pleaser Bishop

There's talk about Cardinal Pell in the news again.

Looks like he's having the same "problem" the Bishops in the G8 territories are having.

But really, what's the problem here? Cardinal Pell has only to enforce Church Canon law as it currently stands and to comply with current directives from the Holy See, such as Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion.

He doesn't need to do much warning of politicians. One good example of discipline by the Cardinal will suffice to make the point.

The problem with Cardinal Pell is he still can't seem to make an unequivocal statement about dealing with politicians on this issue: He says
he has not reached a decision on whether he will offer communion to the New South Wales Premier if he supports new stem cell legislation in the state parliament.
Embryonic stem cell research kills innocent human beings created in the image of God. It is still the killing of the unborn and the Archbishop isn't sure whether he wants to penalize the premier. Does that mean he's not sure killing unborn human beings is grave matter?

Yet, as indicated above, the Church has provided clear guidelines on Catholic politicians who support the killing of the Unborn. Ask Archbishop Burke of the Diocese of St. Louis.

And apparently the Cardinal has not even talked to the premier yet! He says
he is not threatening to excommunicate members who support the bill, but they must consider the consequences.
He doesn't have to threaten them. He has only to remind them of the firm teaching of the Church and then follow through on the discipline if the politician goes against the teaching! What's hard about that? But where's the evidence that the Cardinal has the courage to make an example of such politicians?

Why does it always seem to come down to this point with the Bishops? When it comes to withholding Holy Communion, the ultimate expression of unity with Christ and His Church, the Bishops falter. It can only mean one thing. They have compromised the faith so badly in so many areas that they are spiritually paralyzed when it comes to disciplining the wayward. If they started to hold Catholics accountable they wouldn't have the spiritual courage to go all the way with it. They have lost their way themselves.

It sounds like Cardinal Pell wants to do the right thing but he's obviously a people pleaser at heart like the majority of the G8 Bishops. And it's disgusting!

His equivocation will surely cost the lives of many thousands of Unborn and further the confusion and scandal of the Catholic faithful.


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