Monday, June 04, 2007

Canadian Bishops In Solidarity With Pope Paul VI?

Vote Life, Canada!
supports the writer of this recent letter to Zenit News Service in response to Zenit's recent article entitled Canada's Bishops on 40 Years of Solidarity.

From: Treasa

Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2007
Subject: Re: ZE070602

Dear Zenit,

With reference to your publishing the item below from the bishops of Canada. Such printing where the words 'Solidarity' and 'Pope Paul VI' are used together really cut many faithful Canadian Catholics to the core.

The bishops of Canada, in a collective majority, had dissented from Pope Paul VI 's Humanae Vitae (Winnipeg Statement) and thereby set in motion the defiance and the misleading of Catholics in Canada ever since. That disastrous disobedience and defying of His Holiness and the wise teachings of Humanae Vitae could have been nipped in the bud several times since by the bishops recanting and redirecting the faithful. However to this day this has not occurred and the damage of Contraception and its Consequences continues.

The item below is therefore impossible to read as sincere. The solidarity only refers to the bishops closing ranks in solidarity with each other, the few who did not agree with the dissent were sidelined. In all fairness you should have a clear response written for publication on Zenit by some competent and knowledgeable writer who can give the facts clearly. Monsignor Vincent Foy is an expert on this. Dr. Joe Woodard of Calgary would also be knowledgeable. In fact you only have to Google Humanae Vitae Canadian Bishops and you find sufficient material to support my objection to the image put forward in the article you have published below. It would be a shame if Zenit were to loose credibility amongst its readers, and worse, that readers would be misled.

T. van Ommen Kloeke


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