Friday, June 22, 2007

Euthanasia Won't Stop With The Dying Says Mark Pickup

Mark Pickup takes a short but studied look at the history of abortion law in Canada, making observations urgently needed for any discussion of the escalating call in Canada for euthanasia.

Euthanasia won't stop with the dying, says Mark.

If physician-assisted suicide was adopted in Canada, we know from experience that it will not be reserved for only the terminally ill, regardless of safeguards that are put in place. Euthanasia and assisted suicide will extend from the terminally ill to the chronically ill, to the handicapped, then the disabled.


As with abortion before it, euthanasia and assisted suicide will ride into public consciousness on the distorted and sterile idea of a freedom to choose death for ourselves or another.

But true freedom rests on the inviolability of every person as a child of God. All rights come from God. It is God - and not ourselves - who grants us freedom, dignity and all rights of personhood. If it were legislatures or courts that granted these freedoms, then legislatures and courts could easily take them away with the stroke of a pen or majority vote.


In 2000, then-Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien made the ridiculous claim that "We have had social peace on the question of abortion."

He was wrong. There has not been social peace on the matter of abortion since the 1969 bill passed. Abortion continues to tatter and rip at the social fabric of Canada. Euthanasia and assisted suicide will intensify the social conflict because the victims are clearly visible and they will haunt and taunt the conscience of the nation.

A very relevant piece for Canadians at this juncture in time. Read the full column here.

Canada's most up to date resource site on euthanasia related issues is located here. Why not sign on to their mailing list [after you sign on to ours, of course].

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