Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Debate Ignited Over Reproductive “Choice”

Yes, indeed, the debate in Canada over legalized child-killing has been “sparked” by the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform—just as that organization fully expected and planned for. [Warning: There are graphic pictures of abortion on that website]

I’ve shared with readers all the significant news reports, radio interviews, readers’ comments and blog postings which I’ve seen on the subject. Yesterday, I reported on the NAF’s blog posting by Vicki Saporta, Executive Director of one of North America’s largest baby-killing advocate organizations, quoting Calgary Bishop Henry to support her position. If there are other reactions of note that readers know of, please pass them along so that they can be shared on the Vote Life, Canada! blog.

I highlighted previously the interesting post by the Johnonlife blogspot about the CCBR’s use of graphics. Yesterday, another very insightful posting was made on that blog. Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Another blogger, Ted Mathis, gives his take.

Other interesting feedback from readers of the National Post appears below.

Is anti-abortion message too much?

Re: Activists Drive Home Anti-Abortion Message, Kevin Libin, Aug. 11.

The message of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform's Stephanie Gray is not of social justice but of agree with me or be bullied. It is a message of lies, half truths, provocation, disrespect for women and children. She portrays abortion as a single moral issue, not the complex social issue of raising standards of housing, nutrition, childcare, health, education and therefore indulging in a richer Canadian society.
H. Hamilton, Markham, Ont.

In Canada today it takes real backbone to come down publicly on the side of decency and morality. Prenatal infanticide is a dreadful holocaust that must be vigorously opposed. So the pro-choice crowd calls the posters "misleading." What's misleading about the truth? Power to the posters, and whatever else it takes.
Bill Shaw, Medicine Hat, Alta.

The creative approach of the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform in informing the public of the real consequences of abortion is to be admired. Many people who say they are pro-choice have never thought about what abortion actually entails; seeing photographs of the consequences to the child should change a lot of hearts and minds.

To say that the pictures are upsetting, yet fully approve of the procedure which produces such images, is like burying one's head in the sand. Much better for women to know the consequences both to themselves and their babies, before making a choice which ends the life of another human being.
Jessica White, West Vancouver.

Even those of us somewhere in the middle on the abortion issue do a double-take when an abortion supporter such as letter-writer H. Hamilton accuses anti-abortion activists of "disrespect for women and children." Is abortion not the greatest disrespect one can show a child? No longer are we encouraged to sacrifice for a child but to sacrifice the child itself.
A. Koresaar, Toronto.

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