Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ottawa’s Morgentaler Clinic To Kill 2350 Human Beings This Year—Hopes To Kill Even More With Extra Funding

In a column which appeared yesterday in The Ottawa Citizen entitled “Why women face agonizing waits for abortions in Ottawa,” Jenn Gearey writes in her introduction

With facilities woefully lacking, the first -- and most difficult -- step is finding the political will to fix the situation.

Gearey’s perspective seems to be well summarized in her last paragraph

With a deteriorating health care system, [….] abortion surgery is not on a high-priority list, which leaves women like Jennifer no choice but to wait through an unwanted pregnancy for sometimes months, trying to ignore the physical and emotional signs that just won't go away.

The article, I believe, is an illuminating look into the current state of abortion services in areas outside of major metropolitan centres. It only proves that Canada’s polite society will go only so far in accommodating the true radicals—those who refuse to consider the rights of little human beings when they get in the way.

Wright, manager of Ottawa's Morgentaler Clinic, who said she wishes the clinic could operate on more than a part-time basis.


A.G. Klei, spokesman for the Ontario Ministry for Health and Long-Term Care, says the ministry provided enough money for the clinic to perform 2,350 abortions this year.


"A lot of doctors who fought along with Dr. Morgentaler are now retired and there simply aren't as many people doing abortions now," says Ms. Larue. "These days it's hard for medical students to get access to learn how to do the procedure. Often, they have to fight for it."




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