Monday, September 24, 2007

Pro-Life News Bytes September 24, 2007

Jill Stanek has the scoop on today’s announcement:

$7.5 mil libel lawsuit against Planned Parenthood/Steve Trombley will be filed Tuesday.

Thomas More Society to file $7.5 mil libel lawsuit against Planned Parenthood

Big Blue Wave carries a posting on FCP Candidate Bill Murphy.

FCP Candidate Bill Murphy: Protect the vulnerable

Some last words before the Ontario election by Catholic Insight, Canada dated 21 Sep 2007.

Some last words before the Ontario election - Catholic Insight

Some very good points made here on this short piece.

The Census statistics only hint at the consequences. Two in three black pregnancies end in abortion; seven in 10 black children are born out of wedlock.

The right remedy for child poverty

This week’s take by the Pope on poverty.

Christ Makes Church Rich With Poverty, Says Pope

In a recent letter to archdiocese of Baltimore pastors, Cardinal William Keeler, leader of American Catholicism's founding diocese, urged support for what organizers are calling the first nationwide, curbside effort to invoke “conversion, forgiveness and prayer” for participants, providers and supporters of abortion.

“I am writing to ask you to share this truth by promoting and participating in a national, ecumenical effort called ‘Forty Days for Life.’ ”

Archdiocese endorses right-to-life push

Opinion from Winnipeg on the MMP

“Be careful what you wish for -- especially if it's proportional representation.”

Don't tinker with vote system

Learning Character from Chuck Colson

How Not to Raise a Barbarian

Rick Warren on clarifying worldviews.

Six Worldviews you’re Competing Against

Pazdziernik looks at a past front page article of New York Times (September 18, 2005) “Under Din of Abortion Debate, An Experience Shared Often But Mentioned Only Quietly” by John Leland with the byline “Beyond the Slogans: Inside an Abortion Clinic.”

Money, failure, guilt, and death.

Two bloggers carry postings on Aquila, the Catholic bishop of Fargo, North Dakota, who is strongly encouraging his priests to imitate him by praying for an hour in front of an abortion facility during this year's national "Forty Days for Life".

One Gutsy Bishop
Bishop Aquila urges priests to pray before abortion facility

Jerry Falwell’s son, Jonathan Falwell is in the news.

“With each day that passes since my father’s death, the magnitude of his life continues to overwhelm me. Even though I walked beside him, talking with him and observing his great heart of faith, I don’t think I truly understood the length and breadth of his incredible vision.”

Let 'Signs of Life' Be Your Guide

Conservative Christians from around the nation come to Brandon. Leslee Unruh, of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, told of how she headed a successful bid to ban abortion in South Dakota.

Religious right summit draws prominent speakers

David Warren has some commentary.

“Together with perhaps a million other inquiring minds who want to know, I am still trying to figure out what happened over Dayr az Zawr in northern Syria on Sept. 6th. And even more, what happened on the ground.”

Cardinal William H. Keeler celebrated his last public Mass as archbishop of Baltimore yesterday -- but no one should expect him to say goodbye for long. There’s VIDEO too!

Change, challenges for Keeler

David Magnani is a former state senator from Framingham, Massachusetts. In this column, he claims to be both pro-choice and pro-life. What do you think?

Magnani: Pro-life and Pro-choice - An honest and common view

The Anarchist News Dot Org reports:

In the morning hours of Saturday, September 22, Bishop Josu Iriondo, under the guidance of professional anti-abortion creep Chris Slattery, led his flock on a march from St. Roch's Church in an attempt to deny women legal access to abortion services at Dr. Emily's in the Bronx.

Catholic harassment of Bronx Women's Clinic by foiled by pro ...

The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, STL, president of Human Life International, (HLI) today blasted a gang of 16 Catholic senators for their votes on an amendment to HR 2764 to overturn the Mexico City Policy instituted by President Reagan to prevent U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding overseas abortions.

Priest Blasts 'Usual Suspects' For Votes Against Pro-Life Policy

Lufkin Daily News, Lufkin, Texas, reports on “what may be the largest simultaneous anti-abortion protest in American history.”
Planned Parenthood prepares for faceoff

In 1974, Kenneth C. Edelin, an African-American doctor finishing his residency training at Boston City Hospital, was indicted on a charge of manslaughter for performing an abortion. Edelin, who remains supportive of a woman's right to an abortion, now writes in his book that "the scar on my soul [from the manslaughter conviction] has never gone away."

Shelf Life

The York Daily Record/Sunday News is a morning newspaper in York, Pennsylvania. The paper reports that Jim Grove, pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Loganville and known for his anti-abortion posters and messages, has applied for a spot in the upcoming York Halloween Parade.
Grove wants float in parade

Zambia is discussing abortion.

It is criminal to legalise abortion says Fr Chisanga. Furthermore, the Islamic Council of Zambia (ICZ) has said abortion should not be legalised for any reasons whatever.

It is criminal to legalise abortion - Fr Chisanga

From the Trinidad & Tobago Express

Gynecologists respond to women's accounts

Unsafe abortion

From The Telegraph United Kingdom
It's rarely spoken about, but tokophobia – a pathological fear of giving birth – is a condition that affects as many as one in six women, and can lead in the most extreme cases to abortion, self-harm and even suicide. Stephanie Rafanelli talks to three women who managed to overcome their terror and have children, and one who didn't.

Hard labour

FRAMINGHAM -- Abortion is a demonic force that only God can and will defeat if we get on our knees and marshal the spiritual force of our Catholic inheritance, said Father Thomas Euteneuer, president of Human Life International.

Pro-life priest receives award, calls abortion institutionalized ...

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - Several box trucks will be cruising Omaha and Lincoln streets with abortion images displayed on their sides.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform says the images will be 22 feet wide, 7 feet tall.

The trucks will be in Omaha Monday and Tuesday, in Lincoln on Wednesday and Thursday.

Abortion images to be displayed on truck sides



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