Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Press Release: Vote Life, Canada! Urges NL Voters to Elect Candidates Who Respect the Lives of Smallest and Most Defenseless Children

Vote Life, Canada! Urges Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to Elect Candidates in the Upcoming Election Who Respect the Lives of NL’s Smallest and Most Defenseless Children

Contact: Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada! 709-773-0700

St. John’s
, NL September 19—Vote Life, Canada! takes note that the Provincial General Election has been called for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and voters will go to the polls on October 9, 2007.

Eric Alcock, President and NL Provincial Director of Vote Life, Canada! outlines a scenario for the consideration of all NL voters in the upcoming election:

Imagine that one of our politicians was overheard saying, “I support terrorism.” Imagine further a voter saying in response, “I disagree with you on terrorism, but what’s your health care plan?” Wouldn’t you think they were both mad? You wouldn’t think twice about rejecting a candidate who supported terrorism, regardless of his/her position on “other issues.” That candidate’s stance, permitting the public to be killed, is dangerous to society and contrary to every principle of public service.

Vote Life, Canada! urges voters to consider abortion in the same light. Abortion is no less violent than terrorism and produces the same result—dead and bloodied human beings, most often in pieces. Vote Life, Canada! is not suggesting that women who choose abortion are to be equated with terrorists but emphasizes clearly that a political candidate who is satisfied with the status quo on abortion—like terrorism—disqualifies him/herself from public service.

Rather than react to this suggestion without thinking, voters are asked to ponder the comparison. Unless the unborn are denied their humanity and/or personhood—a grievous injustice applied in previous generations to slaves, aboriginals and Jews—the logic of this argument is difficult to refute and voters are urged to hold this issue as non-negotiable. Tolerance for abortion means death to unborn humans and that reality should translate into a no vote for the candidate.

Vote Life, Canada! appeals to all NL voters to stop for a moment and think. If politicians aren’t ready to respect the life of the smallest, most vulnerable child, do you want to trust them with your life and future? If they will disregard the most basic of rights, what of your many other legitimate concerns as a citizen?

Voters are urged to follow the guidelines outlined in the Vote Life, Canada! publication “How to Vote Life” which is available online at or free of charge by calling 709-773-0700 or writing Vote Life, Canada!, NL Directorate, 4 Hickey’s Rd., Paradise, NL A1L3J3

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