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Pro-Life News Bytes September 28, 2007

Yesterday’s Newsbytes report turned out to be true and now the victim’s mother, Eileen Smith has come forward in order to keep her daughter's abortion death from being "swept under the rug." Her 22-year old daughter, Laura Hope Smith, died on September 13, 2007, during an abortion done by Rapin Osathanondh at Women Health Clinic in Hyannis, Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Abortion Victim's Mom Comes Forward

Operation Rescue comments on the sad circumstances surrounding this death.
Abortion Death Reported In Massachusetts

This story is not going to pass away easily. The Bishops of Connecticut have approved the administration of the morning after pill Plan B for rape victims at the four Catholic hospitals in the state.

See the Bishops’ previous letter to the State Governor. h/t Diogenes

See the LifeSiteNews report Connecticut Bishops Allow Plan B in Catholic Hospitals for Rape - Catholic Medical Association Opposed

The Hartford Courant
Catholic Bishops In CT Will Comply With Plan B Law

The Houston Chronicle coverage
Catholic hospitals to follow Plan B law

We blogged on this story earlier today, when we received word from Patrick Hanlon, President of MUN for Life, the student pro-life club on campus at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. Patrick calls it the death of free speech at the University.
Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union Denies Club Status to Student Pro-Life Group

The National Life Chain will take place once again across Canada. On Sunday, September 30, 2007, thousands of Canadians will line the streets to profess their firm belief in the value of life from conception until natural death.
Life Chain to Draw Thousands into the Streets across Canada

Our press release yesterday called on the Catholic Bishops of Canada to support the 40 Days for Life campaign in the US. Here’s a great way for readers to kick off the 40 Days for Life Campaign.
40 Days For Life—Video Style h/t Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex via Amy Welborn

Various reports throughout cities in the country on the 40 Days for Life Campaign

The Badger Herald
Pro-life group begins 40-day vigil

Lower Hudson Online
40-day anti-abortion vigil launched in Spring Valley

KXMB Bismarck, ND
Antiabortion activists holding 40day prayer vigil

WBBM780 Chicago
Prayer Vigil Held Outside Downtown Planned Parenthood...

Blogger Michelle, homeschool Mom and married to the military, reports on 40 Days for Life
40 Days for Life

Some very good postings today from LTI Blog.

Person is not the Point [Jay]
In this post by Dr. Allen Stairs at AskPhilosophers, he responds to a question about an inconsistency between objecting to capital punishment on the grounds that you may be killing an innocent person, and affirming the right to abortion though the act may be killing an innocent person.

Albert Mohler nails it when he notes a politician's defense of abortion based on privatized "faith" can't stand up to scrutiny.
God, Politics, and Politicians

Here is another episode in the ongoing saga of Ross Foti, a pro-life activist in California whose A-frame truck bears graphic images of aborted children. We blogged extensively on this story just a few days ago. Here is the latest.
Church bans anti-abortion activist

From day one, my unborn child has been under the scrutiny of practically everyone I meet in India, from my neighbour to beggars on the roadsides of the capital — each praying that my baby will be a boy.
In India they pray for my baby to be a boy!

CNA reports on Georgetown University news
WASHINGTON DC, September 27 (CNA) - The oldest Catholic university in the nation has changed its policy to permit grants to law students who intern with abortion agencies, such as Planned Parenthood.
Catholic Georgetown U. to fund student internships at abortion ... reports
Georgetown University Blasted for Funding Students’ Pro-Abortion Internships

Mark A. Sargent, dean of the law school at Villanova University in Philadelphia, explains what he did when faced with this challenge.
If Mark Sargent were Dean of Georgetown

The General Medical Council (GMC) of Great Britain ruled today that children aged 13 or more who consult a doctor for advice about contraception, abortion or sexually transmitted diseases are entitled to be treated without the knowledge of their parents.
Doctors can keep sex advice to 13-year-olds from parents

Vital Signs Blogger carries a post
Father Doesn't Know Best: Britain's Nanny State Creates New Rules for Keeping Parents Out of the Loop

BUENOS AIRES, September 27 (CNA) - Archbishop Hector Aguer of La Plata has denounced the actions of various federal and local officials, including Argentina's Minister of Justice and the Supreme Court, for conspiring to allow a handicapped girl who became pregnant through rape to have an abortion, and he warned that “the totalitarianism of the pro-abortionists hovers over Argentina like a sinister threat. Like the shadow of Herod.”
Pro-abortion totalitarianism hovers over Argentina like a “sinister threat,” archbishop warns

A new academic study disputes the argument that legalizing physician-assisted suicide is a first step in doing away with society’s weakest members. But missing from media reports on the issue is the fact that the lead author herself has advocated the controversial practice.
Study Defending Assisted Suicide Written by Assisted Suicide Advocate

Tase Him, Bro!

In this WorldNetDaily commentary, Ann Coulter whacks Columbia U for inviting and hosting Ahmadinejad. Take time to read this great exposé.
Democrats should run Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for president

Commentary by Wesley J. Smith
Remember those quaint old days when biotechnologists told us that “all” they wanted to effectuate embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) was merely access to leftover in vitro fertilization (IVF) embryos “that were going to be tossed out anyway?”
No Brakes on the Runaway Embryonic Stem Cell Research Train

Washington, DC ( -- In an interview with the CBS News program "60 Minutes" scheduled for broadcast tonight, pro-life Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says abortion was behind all of the attacks on him during his confirmation hearings. He called the confirmation process a "high tech lynching."
Clarence Thomas: My Confirmation Hearings Were Really About Abortion

Blogger Suzanne at BigBlueWave advises readers of this video where Family Coalition Party candidate David MacDonald makes his pitch and tells what he's all about. Note Dalton McGuinty in the background.
FCP Candidate David MacDonald makes his pro-life pitch

Another good post by blogger johnonlife. He ends his post with this conclusion:
Do the pro-choice people want the abortion rate to stay the same? Or increase? Then they are not pro-choice--they are pro-abortion pure and simple. Either change your approach or change your name.
You're only as good as your information

From the National Catholic Bioethics Center:
Most people are aware of IVF and probably know a family that has a child (or children) as the result of the procedure. They are almost certainly not aware that the widespread acceptance of IVF is revolutionizing reproduction and redefining the family, especially maternity and paternity.
The Scourge of In Vitro Fertilization - The Brave New World of Reproduction

Michael Spielman of reports that he’s on the road to Minneapolis for the Desiring God National Conference. Michael has been gearing up for this event for quite some time and has produced an amazing resource booklet to equip pastors and other Christian leaders on the subject of abortion. The Abort73 fall newsletter is also online.


Now that Kaye is about to release his latest film, a 2 1/2-hour documentary about abortion called "Lake of Fire," filmgoers might expect the director to offer up a fiery polemic. Instead, the film, which ThinkFilm is releasing Oct. 3 in New York and Oct. 12 in Los Angeles, is something else entirely.
Kaye lights fuse then lets 'Fire' burn gray

I think pro-lifers have a very good case to make for comparing abortion to the Holocaust. The reasons were enumerated here just recently. To begin with, there is the sheer number of deaths. We rehearse the statistics until we are numb.
Dire Situation in Romania: The abondoning of Orphans

A shocking story from the Sydney Morning Herald, New South Wales, Australia
Doctors looked for foetus in bin

WDIV - Detroit, MI The Local 4 hidden camera investigation showed the doctor performing an abortion for $150 in a rundown building in Detroit.
Doctor's License Suspended

Atlanta, GA ( -- When pro-life advocates in South Dakota proposed an abortion ban on their state ballot last year, it opened the door to the decades-long debate within the pro-life community about the best way to end abortion.
National Debate on Pro-Life Movement Sparked by Georgia Abortion Ban

I can’t imagine why.
The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Steenson, Bishop of the Rio Grande, has resigned from the Episcopal Church and will enter the Roman Catholic Church.
Bishop Resigns From the Episcopal Church and Will Enter the Roman Catholic Church

Today, nine out of 10 Southern Baptists take a pro-life stance toward abortion, which has its roots in Judaism and the beliefs of the early church, ...
The family described as Baptist distinctive

Pastor Tony’s Place blogs this story:
A dear lady approached me after the early service and told me that it was the first time she'd heard a sermon on that topic in 30 years. Wow. The next two Sundays are on homosexuality and abortion (respect for life). ...
Recent sermon series / topics

Some Christian conservative leaders now say the global fight against Islamic extremism trumps the social issues, such as opposition to gay rights and abortion, that pushed the religious right into the political big leagues — a fight they depict as a to-the-death clash of civilizations.
Evangelical Split Seen Fueling Giuliani Bid

King, a noted anti-abortion activist, has been scheduled to speak at several venues during a tour of the state.
Alveda King to Campaign for Sam Brownback

More on the cancellation of Dr. Alveda King’s visit to a high school

From - Des Moines, IA
Could words like anti-abortion and abortion rights be too controversial for high school students?
Roosevelt Cancels Speech By Anti-Abortion Activist

In a striking blow against regional Planned Parenthood's case to strike down a Missouri abortion law, a federal judge issued an order on Monday finding that it is unlikely the pro-choice organization will be able to prove the statute is facially unconstitutional.
Anti-Abortion Missouri Law Clears Hurdle

A mother has sued the county coroner, claiming her dead baby was disposed as "bio-waste."
Mother Sues L.A. County, Saying Baby Disposed of As 'Bio-Waste'

A man accused of putting a sawed-off shotgun against his pregnant girlfriend's abdomen and pulling the trigger was charged Wednesday with murder and assault. The fetus died and the mother was severely wounded, St. Louis County police said.
Murder Charge Filed in Unborn Child's Death

A suspected drunk driver is now charged in the death of Sandi Stephens and her unborn child. Sandi Stephens was due to give birth this week. She was killed Memorial Day weekend, when she was six months pregnant.
Manslaughter Charges Filed in Death of Woman, Fetus



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