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Pro-Life News Bytes September 26, 2007

Suzanne at Big Blue Wave directs readers to an interview with Family Coalition Party leader Giuseppe Gori on TVO.

VIDEO: FCP's Giuseppe Gori interviewed by TVO's Steve Paikan

LifeSiteNews reported yesterday on an amazing story, ready made for our Canadian setting. The story is a powerful vindication of the strategy of using graphic images to show the horror and truth of abortion. Be sure to reads this story.

500 Centre of Bioethical Reform explicit abortion billboards had a powerful effect [on abortion law in Slovakia.]

Slovak Health Ministry Revokes Hospital Abortion Law in Face of Effective "Right-to-Life" Campaign

Heartofsong83 posts voting strategy on Free Dominion. Vote Life, Canada! disagrees with respect to EVER voting for a politician who is not qualified as truly pro-life. Would you ever consider voting for a politician who supported terrorism under certain conditions? Think about it.
Ontario Election 2007: Why we should vote pro-life

The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship (LCF) is calling on Christians to rally outside England’s Houses of Parliament this October in a show of opposition to abortion on the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act.

h/t Vital Signs Ministries

A controversial plan to pay new parents in Newfoundland and Labrador is being misinterpreted, according to Progressive Conservative Leader Danny Williams.

Baby bonus part of a bigger population-growth plan: Williams

See Vote Life, Canada’s previous coverage also.

Christian Newswire reports that Operation Rescue is celebrating today the announced closure of Alternatives, an abortion clinic in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that was closed by the Health Department in June after an inspection revealed filthy conditions that included blood-stained carpets and rusty surgical instruments.

Filthy New Jersey Abortion Mill Surrenders License, Moves Out

Last year over 2 million students in the U.S. took part in See You at the Pole (SYATP) - a student-organized, student-led gathering at the school flagpole where students will pray for their school, friends, teachers, government, and nation.

Will You Be at the Pole?

Also see
Alliance Defense Fund memo

STOPP carries a report of the 40 Days for Life campaign in their Wednesday Report and lists participating cities.

“Today marks the beginning of the 40 Days for Life. All across the United States, pro-lifers will be praying at abortion centers from September 26 through November 4. Many of the 40 Days for Life events are taking place at Planned Parenthood facilities.

40 Days for Life protests at Planned Parenthood

More details at the 40 Days for Life web site

LifeSiteNews coverage

Abortion Centers in 80 Cities in 33 States to be Prayerfully Picketed for 40 Days Starting Tomorrow

National 40-Day Pro-Life Prayer Campaign Begins at Abortion Centers

From California Catholic Daily

“The largest simultaneous pro-life mobilization in history”

One of our recent posts concerned a ridiculous NJ Supreme Court decision. An appeal has been launched.

Trenton: Abortion Malpractice Appeal

Asbury Park Press also covers the story

Woman in Abortion Case Asking Court to Reconsider Ruling coverage

Lawyer wants high court to reconsider abortion ruling

For perspective from a “poor-choicer,” a radical feminist weighs in on the New Jersey decision. She says

This case is one of a series of attempts to turn “informed consent” into a platform for divisive and fundamentalist views on women’s reproductive choices.

Getting "Informed Consent" Right

Here’s a blogger named “shadowmyth” who is definitely all for population control. Warning: I know nothing about this blogger so I can’t vouch for the content of the site but I did quickly read her posting. Typical uninformed shallow arguments but maybe the reader can use the posting to look further into the controversy surrounding the subject.

Stop Having Children

Christian blogger and self identified philosopher Todd H Dow discusses Dawkins on abortion. He says Dawkins’ logic is seriously flawed. See what you think.
Dawkins Day 7: The Slippery Slope of Abortion

From The Christian Post

Only 16 percent of non-Christians aged 16 to 29 years old said they have a "good impression" of Christianity, according to a report released Monday by The Barna Group. A decade ago, the vast majority of Americans outside the Christian faith, including young people, felt favorably toward Christianity’s role in society.

Study: Christianity No Longer Looks Like Jesus

CAN reports on a columnist for a Ugandan newspaper who has called on the government of the East African country to ignore the Catholic Church's views and get on with the business of legalizing abortion.

Columnist stirs controversy in Uganda by calling for legalization ...

Two pieces of news about Alveda King, former Georgia legislator and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

According to a public high school in Iowa is drawing criticism from the pro-life community after it canceled a scheduled talk with pro-life advocate Alveda King.

Iowa School Cancels Pro-Life Talk With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Niece

The Bradenton Herald carries a very positive report on King’s visit in Florida.

Alveda King brings message against abortion to Bradenton

A protest was staged outside a Florida Baptist church last week as it hosted a pro-family summit attended by some of the nation’s most prominent conservative Christian leaders.

At the summit Leslee Unruh from the National Abstinence Clearinghouse shared about her group's efforts to ban abortion in South Dakota.

Pro-Family Summit Faces Opposition

Related previous coverage

Evangelicals to Kick Off Pro-Family Summit

In yesterday’s NewsBytes we reported on BigBlueWave’s posting on Religious conservative vote is becoming an electoral factor in Canada.

Blogger bigcitylib speculates on the rising threat of Canada’s new Evangeliban! [I don’t know what to expect from this site regarding language, etc.]

The Rise Of The Canadian Evangeliban?

We blogged on the story in the Ottawa Citizen yesterday and today. Suzanne at BigBlueWave has some commentary as well.

Abortion supporters complain about long wait times in Ottawa

Vicki Saporta of the National Abortion Federation chimed in with a short post. Maybe she has more since then.

Women Face Long Wait Times for Abortion Care in Ottawa

Good post by Joe H on the Defend Life blog.

When Archbishop Amato called abortion "terrorism with a human face" in April 2007 he caused me to think: How is abortion terrorism?

Abortion: The Real Terrorism

Very interesting background story on a Cedar Rapids resident Alice Dahle who has a “living passion for CEDAW.” National Right to Life has outlined their objections to CEDAW. Now if someone could actually succeed in winning Alice over to the human rights issue of the Unborn, we’d have a fighter on our side.

CEDAW Is Living Passion for Iowa Women's Activist

NBC South Florida wrote a nice story on Archbishop Dionisio Guillermo Garcia Ibanez, named earlier this year to lead Catholics in Santiago, Cuba's second-largest city. They covered a good deal of ground and reported that abortion in Cuba remains free and readily available.

Cuban Archbishop: Religious Freedom Slowly Spreading On Island

Blogger papabear at The New Beginning linked to a speech by Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput published in First Things magazine. Looks real interesting. We should have more bloggers working on this one.

Renewing the Church, Converting the World

Vote Life, Canada!
has had much to say in recent weeks about Amnesty International’s recent decision to advocate for abortion worldwide.

This development is a few days old but nevertheless good for the record.

Catholic schools to cut ties with Amnesty also carried a report yesterday on this.

Australian Archdiocese Directs 328 Catholic Schools to Withdraw Support from Amnesty International

Blogger Sotto Voce

Australian Archdiocese Directs 328 Catholic Schools to Withdraw ...

I’d like to write a lot more about this subject but I already have. Too many Catholic Bishops love to talk about the role of faith in society but then don’t really expect Catholics to take it seriously. It’s sickening. Words are cheap.

Faith and religion have a necessary and significant role to play in the development of government and social policy, Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl of Washington, D.C., told local Catholics gathered for the annual Los Angeles Catholic Prayer Breakfast Sept. 18.

Faith plays necessary role in society, says archbishop

More reaction on Archbishop Burke’s stance of denying Holy Communion to Catholics, including politicians, who live in mortal sin. By the way, it’s extremely rude and disrespectful to Catholics to characterize the Body and Body of Jesus Christ in terms of “wafer” and “wafer wars.” Get a life.

'Wafer Wars' heat up: Archbishop pressures clergy to deny ...

Did I miss this one from the National Post on September 13, 2007?

Abortion and mental health: The link we cannot ignore

On this topic, Dr. Paul Ranalli had a letter to the editor published today in the National Post Re: Depression And Abortion Not Linked. He exposes yet another confused poor-choicer.

( - The Miller Brewing Company, a sponsor of this weekend’s homosexual “leather” street fair in San Francisco, has asked to have its logo removed from an advertising poster that has offended some Christians. The advertisement portrays Christ and the disciples as half-naked sado-masochists.

Disgusting. Thanks to those who expressed outrage.

Miller Brewing Pulls Logo From ‘Last Supper’ Advertisement


Pope Benedict XVI met with the new ambassador from Nicaragua to the Vatican on Monday and congratulated the Central American nation for recently renewing its ban on abortions.

Pope Benedict XVI Congratulates Nicaragua on Keeping Abortion Illegal

Also from

A new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports finds that the issue of abortion is important to a strong majority of voters and that it is one of the handful of issues in a troubling election year for Republicans that could boost their chances to retain the White House.

Poll Shows Abortion Important to Voters, Helpful to Republican Candidates

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. A good lesson here for pro-lifers on the subject of free speech.

Maybe someone will blog on this.

Rhode Island College settles suit over abortion-rights signs

An attorney who helped a prominent activist against forced abortions in China has been arrested following the dissemination of a letter he wrote to Olympic officials criticizing the Asian nation's human rights situation.

Attorney for China Forced Abortion Activist Detained After Olympic ...

For the next two days, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform will be in Omaha, driving large trucks painted with graphic images of aborted fetuses.

Pro-Life Group Drives Message Across Omaha

If you’re looking for truth about sexuality and abortion, don’t call on the RCRC. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice was founded in 1973 by clergy and lay leaders from mainstream religions “to safeguard the newly won constitutional right to abortion.” Take a look at the conclusions from a book written to examine the RCRC and its activities [posted on the Priests for Life website.]

The clergy at this meeting sounds an awful lot like representatives from RCRC.

UW’s Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom hosted a panel called Religious Views on Reproductive Choice, in which Rabbi Jonathan Biatch and the Rev. Alvaro Nova talked about their religions’ stances on abortion and sex education.

Religion debates abortion

Teacher dismissed from Catholic school for “public participation in the procurement of abortions” now ranting against pro-lifers from the stage.

“Fired for Immorality”

Blogger and Deacon Greg Kandra discusses a conference which could help men dealing with the psychological trauma of post-abortion reality the way Project Rachel -- the post-abortion healing ministry of the Catholic Church Thorn founded -- has helped women.

Reclaiming fatherhood: men and abortion

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