Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Breaking News: Police Arrest Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust Group On Tour at College Campus

[YouTube video here.]

Yesterday, on the campus of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College in Asheville, North Carolina, 8 people (including 5 members of the Survivors Campus Life Tour team) were arrested.

The Asheville Citizen Times carried a short report yesterday on the incident and the comments box is already up to about 100. Today they published the full length story which appears below.

The protesters included five members of the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust group participating in a national tour of college campuses and three Asheville residents. Survivors have a blog and today’s entry fills in the story.

That’s enough to get you in the loop.

This is eerily similar to an incident in St. John’s last month when Eric Alcock, President of Vote Life, Canada! was arrested and locked up for showing up at a press conference with an opinion—and before he had a chance to say a word. Apparently the Survivors group got arrested for simply showing up to talk about abortion.

Maybe the small minded ideologues in St. John’s NL will get away with their tyranny but something tells me this group will get their apology—one way or the other.


Abortion protesters arrested

Eight members of a group displaying pictures of aborted fetuses on Asheville-Buncombe Tech-nical Community College campus were arrested Tuesday and charged with second-degree trespassing.

The “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust” spent about two hours on campus and were asked by security to move to the sidewalk along Victoria Road, college officials said.

The anti-abortion group of about a dozen people disrupted the learning environment after showing up unannounced, A-B Tech President Betty Young said in a statement.

Any group must get approval before gathering for protest on the campus, the college said. Asheville police were called and group members were arrested after officers gave them a final request to move.

The group’s president, Kortney Blythe, said members had gathered to talk to students about abortion. She said the Riverside, Calif.-based group had demonstrated at UNC Asheville and Asheville High School the day before without problems.

“They did not tell us any other option other than moving off their campus or get arrested,” she said. “The First Amendment gave us an OK when it established free speech.”

College officials said the group refused to comply with their requests and acted confrontational, shoving one of the security guards.

“There were some complaints from students. There were some complains from employees. I think things just escalated at that point,” said college spokeswoman Mona Cornwell.

“The issue is we need to provide a non-threatening learning environment for all our students.”

Blythe said no one affiliated with her group “is ever allowed to do anything that can be construed as violence.”

Demonstrator Arthur Hunt, an A-B Tech student and one of three local people arrested, said he was not “totally surprised” by the police action but disappointed.

Five others arrested listed California as their place of residence.

“It’s a very reasonable presentation,” he said.




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