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Pro-Life News & World Review October 3, 2007

Recent Vote Life, Canada! postings
Women Who Wore Shirts Saying “Yes to Abortion” Were Denied Communion Then Reacted Violently

This first news item, although a US political one, concerns voting strategy. It bears some scrutiny. It’s really all about which voting strategy for Christians is best suited to bringing about the urgent changes needed in real-time society. Whether it’s American politics—as is the case in this item about Giuliani—or Canadian politics, we all face the same kinds of voting dynamics.

Vote Life Canada! has a strategy clearly set forth in our voting guide—and more recently on YouTube—and so we weigh in on the same side as Mark Shea.

Blogger Mark Shea takes issue with fellow big time blogger The Anchoress on voting strategy surrounding Rudy Giuliani
Essentially, her argument comes down to "cross your fingers and hope Giuliani will give a rat's patoot about Supreme Court justices who might do something about abortion". That's a pretty frail reed, given what we know about Rudy. ...
The Anchoress Frets About Christians Splitting the GOP over Rudy I ...

Here’s a closely related item
Janet Folger writes a very compelling piece in World NetDaily
In this column I want to tell you how I believe those who value life, liberty and the family will regain the White House – and who I believe is the man to do it.
The next president of the United States

§ Alex Schadenburg of The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition sends important reminder of International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.
More than 160 registrations have already been received for the "Current Issues - Future Directions" International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. Friday, Nov 30th, Saturday, Dec 1, 2007 at the: Four Points Sheraton - Toronto Airport Hotel.
We only have space for 270 people. Please register early, while space is available.
Symposium website can be accessed here

Euthanasia alert from The Herald - Glasgow, Scotland
If legislation isn't really watertight, doctors could lose their livelihood," warns George Fernie, "It might seem that a law on physician-assisted suicide would clarify their position, but that is far from clear cut."
'Do we listen if a patient tells us she can't go on?'

§ Rosa Acuna receives second slap in face, this time from US Supreme Court
The nation's highest court today declined to hear a case involving a former Somerset County woman who sued her doctor after having an abortion. The court's order offered no reason why the justices decided not to hear the issue of whether Rosa Acuna should be able to sue her doctor, Sheldon Turkish, for wrongful death of her fetus.
Nation's top court won't hear NJ abortion case

§ Related commentary on New Jersey Supreme Court ruling of Sept. 25
Heartbeat International joins in a "friend of the court" brief filed, asking for reconsideration of a recent decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court that deprives women of the right to hear the truth about abortion. ...New Jersey Top Court Allows Doctor to Deceive Women

§ From the National Post “Full Comment”
I was reminded of the phenomenon last Friday, when Globe and Mail columnist Rick Salutin served up a particularly fine example of the genre. His subject was Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a theocrat who denies the existence of the Holocaust, even as he plots to perpetrate a second.
Jonathan Kay on Rick Salutin, the CBC and the rest of Canada's left-wing media establishment

§ More on Oprah’s recent show titled "237 Reasons to Have Sex"
A special counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is blasting talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey for promoting pornography on her program.
Oprah's promotion of porn and adultery shameful, says Christian attorney

§ Blogger Joe H at Defend Life—Abortion news and commentary from the great state of Maryland—reports on the inaugural homily given by newly installed Archbishop O'Brien of Baltimore.
"I pledge that I shall make every possible effort to continue and intensify the defense of the right to life that has been waged by my predecessors. And I pledge more. No one has to have an abortion."
Archbishop O'Brien of Baltimore - Defender of Life

The Baltimore Sun put the installation rites on page one and carries video.
O'Brien pledges all for most vulnerable

Opinion piece from the Baltimore Sun on future of new Archbishop
This was a church leader who would not retreat behind the cathedral doors but would emerge to mix it up a bit.
O'Brien indicates he'll mix it up a bit carries the news

Lots more here on Archbishop O’Brien
Archdiocese welcomes new archbishop

Text of Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien’s homily at the Mass of Installation, Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, October 1, 2007

Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien bio

Photos and video here

§ Dominican Archbishop asks non-Catholic churches and Christian denominations to reject abortion legislation
SANTO DOMINGO. - The Catholic Church will stage its rejection to the legalization of abortion, with protests at the national level, including turning vehicle lights on to signal life, a symbolic hug and a Eucharist at the Congress headed by the cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez and the bishops of the Santo Domingo Archdioceses.
Dominican Catholic Church draws the abortion battle line

§ Blogger Marybeth T. Hagan of Mother May I … Be Born? Points to Silver Lining in Aurora
Pro-lifers might want to look for silver linings, as they hope for minimal loss of life, in the disappointing turn of events in Planned Parenthood’s opening today in Aurora, Ill.
Some Silver Linings in PPFA Aurora Opening

Updates on Planned Parenthood in Aurora See Jill Stanek

§ Pro-Lifers Right when they Encourage Women to Have More Babies and No Abortions
Researchers at a cancer center in Seattle have confirmed what previous studies have shown: women who bear children have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. They say fetal cells “transplanted” to the mother before birth are a source of this protective effect -- and something that abortion denies.
Researchers Explain Why Having Baby Reduces Women’s Breast Cancer Chances

§ Fierce battle continues to rage in Philippines over encroaching culture of death
Lito Atienza, the former mayor of the Philippine capital Manila, who has earned the wrath of abortionists and population control groups for his opposition to the killer abortion drug RU-486, is facing a lawsuit by those same groups.
Philippine Population Control Groups Launch Suit Against Pro-Life Manila Former Mayor

§ CNA carries an excellent summation of Archbishop Burke’s recent essay on why Pastors must protect the holiness of the Eucharist and communicant’s soul
His words continue a long-standing debate about whether Catholic politicians who support abortion rights should receive communion. Archbishop Burke's essay, titled "The Discipline Regarding the Denial of Holy Communion to Those Obstinately Persevering in Manifest Grave Sin”….
Archbishop Burke: public figures must receive Holy Communion worthily

§ The confusion abounds at Connecticut Catholic Bishops conference regarding Plan B
"Well with all due respect," he said, "it really isn't. This has been researched very, very carefully and it's two different medications completely. The morning after pill is an abortion pill. Plan B is an emergency contraception pill.
Point Man for Connecticut Bishops on Plan B 'Emergency Contraception' Totally Confused on Issue

Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia, PA reports on CCC decision
The Connecticut bishops defend their position by arguing the administering of "Plan B pills without an ovulation test is not an intrinsically evil act."
CCC Approves Plan B At Catholic Hospitals

Pro-abortion news service Kaiser comments in detail on Connecticut Bishops New Plan B
Connecticut's Roman Catholic bishops on Thursday said that the state's four Catholic hospitals will comply with a law (SB 1343) that takes effect Monday and requires all hospitals in the state to dispense emergency contraception to rape survivors, the Hartford Courant reports (Keating, Hartford Courant, 9/28).
Connecticut Catholic Bishops Agree To Comply With Law Requiring ...

§ Deacon Greg Kandra covers the Red Mass in Washington
Archbishop Dolan alluded to such issues as abortion, euthanasia, cloning and human sexuality in his homily and asked the Holy Spirit to descend upon US judicial leaders.
Seeing red

Washington Times covers the Red Mass
The archbishop of Milwaukee yesterday reminded six Supreme Court justices on the eve of their new session that "it is a cherished part of our American heritage to rejoice in a mutually enriching alliance between religion, morality and democracy."
Red Mass seeks guidance for court

§ Law that forces religious-based social service agencies to subsidize contraceptives
The Supreme Court has declined to enter a dispute over whether Catholic Charities can be forced to pay for workers' birth-control pills.

§ National Catholic Register carries detailed story on Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani
“Rudy’s public proclamations on abortion are pathetic and confusing. Even worse, they’re hypocritical,” Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, R.I., wrote in a column in the Rhode Island Catholic.
Pro-lifers On Rudy: 'No Way'

§ Follow up to yesterday’s news item on schools in Ohio donating to pro-abortion Susan G. Komen
DAYTON — The high school principals governing a Catholic girls' volleyball league have decided to allow money raised at benefit games to be donated to a charity with distant ties to pro-abortion-rights Planned Parenthood, the league's president said Tuesday.
Catholic principals OK money for breast cancer charity

§ carries this opinion piece from Lagos, Nigeria exposing abortion rhetoric and lies
The poor girl would have been alive and kicking with a bouncing baby girl/boy if she did not opt for or was not forced into an abortion by those who mislead teens and young women into thinking of abortion as a medical "quick fix".
Nigeria: Re - Unsafe Abortion's Another Silent Killer

§ Pro-life, pro-family Samantha Singson infiltrates a National Organization of Women event
Walking into the meeting that evening, I couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive. My goal was to sit in on the meeting and "blend in." I walked into a small, crowded office with virulently purple walls covered in signs with the familiar battle cry of "Keep Abortion Legal" and random bowls of condoms scattered on desks.
Infiltrating the infiltrators

§ Animal research center fined $15,000 for animal care problems linked to death of monkey
A Yerkes spokeswoman noted the research center reported the monkey's death, and said the center is committed to humane care for animals. "We deeply regret that an animal died," said the spokeswoman, Lisa Newbern.
While People Cut the Heads off Babies by Abortion, USDA Fines Animal Lab after Monkey Dies

§ Georgia State Rep asking a series of questions about the women's clinicA member of a state House panel studying ways to save Grady Memorial Hospital has raised questions about how hospital officials ran and funded an abortion clinic and paid a legal settlement on a "botched abortion" at the facility.
Lawmaker Concerned About Abortions at Atlanta's Grady Hospital

§ Free Dominion forum asking for Life Chain reports
Yeah, I've always thought "Abortion Kills Children" plays into the hands of the pro-aborts who usually argue pro-lifers give the fetus qualities he or she doesn't have. "Abortion Kills a Human Being" would be more effective.
Life Chain --- make your report here!

§ NY blocked the Choose Life plate because state does not agree with message
The governor of New York has been added as a defendant in a case in which the state of New York is being sued for prohibiting a group to sponsor a "Choose Life" license plate.
NY governor added as defendant in 'Choose Life' plate lawsuit

§ Pharmacists and healthcare providers have consciences too!
Attorneys for pharmacists in the state of Washington have appeared before a federal court on behalf of their clients' request to refuse distribution or supplying of abortion-inducing drugs in their pharmacies.
Lawsuit argues 'conscientious objector' status includes pro-life pharmacists

§ Interview with Republican Hunter indicates stance on abortion
WND: Please share your perspective on the issue of abortion, and Roe v. Wade. Hunter: I would like to see a judiciary overturn Roe v. Wade
'No better way to stop an attack than to have somebody in the room ...

§ No "extraordinary circumstances" that warranted judge to dismiss grand jury investigation in Tiller case
WICHITA, Kan. -- A citizen petition demanding a grand jury investigate Dr. George Tiller for alleged violations of the state's late-term abortion law can go forward, a judge ruled Monday.
Judge Summons Grand Jury in Tiller Case



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