Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Brits Are Offering Good Abortion Commentary These Days

Abortion—the “sanitized, legal” version—is much in the news in Great Britain these days with MPs inquiring into whether the 24-week cut-off point for abortions should be lowered.

Here are three very solid abortion commentaries issued in English newspapers today.

A calamity for women...just as the doctor predicted
Dr Bourne himself, asked to support the change, had refused to do so, saying: "Abortion on demand would be a calamity for womanhood." He predicted the 'greatest holocaust in history' if the Bill were passed.
[h/t BigBlueWave]

Like a slave, is an unborn child not a brother?
On the same day as I opened my invitation, Dawn Primarolo, whose name sounds like a brand of margarine, but is actually the health minister, was telling the Commons Science and Technology Committee that there was no justification for lowering the limit for abortion below the current 24 weeks.

Shameful anniversary, sham inquiry
The Abortion Act of the United Kingdom was voted through on October 27, 1967 and implemented the following April. Termination of pregnancy is permitted provided it is performed by a registered practitioner and subject to certain conditions, including the signed approval of two doctors on specific grounds relating either to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman, or the physical or mental health of the baby.

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At 1:40 AM, Blogger SUZANNE said...

The amount and quality of commentary coming out of Britain is amazing. I'm hoping the limit will come to a vote. I understand the pro-life lobby is confident a 20-week limit could pass.


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