Monday, October 22, 2007

Over 100 British Babies Confirmed Aborted for Minor Defects

Early this morning the Telegraph reported that
54 babies with club feet, 37 with cleft palates or lips, and 26 with extra or webbed fingers or toes were aborted in south-west England between 2002 and 2005.

Note that these figures pertain to only one part of England. The department that keeps such records, the South West Congenital Anomaly Register, expressed concerns

over the number of babies aborted due to minor defects which could be corrected with simple surgery.

Apparently even doctors seem confused as to whether club foot, a minor disability which can be corrected without surgery, is a serious birth defect.

The story indicated that the definition of "handicap" in Britain’s Abortion Act seems to be widening as scanning technology develops.

Britain is currently involved in an inquiry examining whether the 24-week upper time limit for an abortion should be reduced.

Much is being made of the fact that the Archbishop of Canterbury has made “a rare public foray into the debate,” questioning Britain’s loose abortion laws. It seems he is warning his countrymen that the public

no longer regards abortion as a last resort and is in danger of losing its "moral focus" on the issue.

Doesn’t this story illustrate well the dynamics of legalized evil? Once the evil is introduced into society it is extremely difficult to apply the brakes. Evil begets more evil. The consciences of people are deadened and society even loses touch with the horror of the evil.

And how does the evil get into the door in the first place? Church leaders charged with the responsibility to keep watch over the spiritual and moral formation of a nation lose touch with God and then fall prey to seducing spirits. Totally ignorant to spiritual realities, some of them later claim to have been hoodwinked by men.

Imagine the following statement from the Telegraph article, referring to the nation’s highest ranking Church of England cleric.

Although the Archbishop was widely believed to oppose abortion, earlier public pronouncements on the issue had been obscure.

Isn’t it a little late to be speaking up Archbishop? After all, this week does mark the 40th anniversary of Britain’s Abortion Law.

Who pays the price for such neglect and wanton failure?

The weakest and most defenseless in our society.

How much longer can God contain His outrage?

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