Sunday, June 10, 2007

Special Note to Protestant Readers

The Vote Life, Canada! blog carries, at times, a good deal of reporting and commentary on Catholic teaching and current events. This does not mean that it may be considered a Catholic site per se.

The sheer magnitude and nature of Catholic doctrine on life issues calls for considerable attention. However, the Vote Life, Canada! project aims to reach all Christians, including Protestant, Reformed, etc., with the same urgent message of the need to protect unborn Canadians from legalized child-killing.

Overall, the blog postings focus nearly exclusively on a fundamental doctrine shared for two millennia by all Christian traditions, i.e. the sanctity of human life and its implications for consistent Christian witness in today’s society.

The author of this blog is a Catholic Christian who, with the benefit of a twenty five year background as an Evangelical, is able to share a certain progression of Christian thought on life issues. No apology is made for faithfully adhering to and promoting Catholic doctrine wherever it might touch upon life issues or other topics covered in this blog. It is hoped that readers will respect the author’s personal journey in the Christian faith and see the need to move beyond theological strife in order to work together to bring justice to unborn children in Canada.

If the reader has reservations about such co-operation, I point him/her to the article Co-Belligerents or Good Samaritans? by Scott Klusendorf, an evangelical Christian and a persuasive pro-life debater. Scott makes a strong case for the need [and legitimacy] for Christians of all theological backgrounds to cooperate in the campaign to end injustices against the Unborn.



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