Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Facebook Contest MUST Be Won For The Sake Of Canada's Unborn

Just last week I blogged about the “The Great Canadian Wish List" contest which CBC has organized on Facebook. I invited and urged every reader to add their support to the wish "Abolish Abortion" which was then at the #1 spot in the contest. I explained how important this contest was and that it could serve to make an extremely powerful statement to Canadians on Canada Day—and all courtesy of CBC.

Whether you realize it or not, THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY!

Some of you perhaps did this and some have not. For some it means you have to sign up on Facebook in order to register your support. Some have not added their support to this wish because it is too much trouble to sign up on Facebook and others say they just don’t want to give private information—even though you can sign up with only a first name and last initial.

However, let me pose a question to all those who have not chosen to add their support to this wish:

How much are you willing to go out of your way to help save unborn children?

Please check your apathy quotient.

Because that’s precisely what’s at stake here. Winning this contest is a HUGE vote for life in Canada and a powerful statement to the world. Facebook is BIG news. The CBC is a BIG newscaster. And killing Unborns is a BIG catastrophe in Canada. Here’s a rare chance to bring all those realities together.

Already since the contest has started there have been two significant stories in the media., one by the Globe and Mail and one by Macleans.

This is a great start. It brings the subject out from under the rock.

The wish is still #1 at the top of the contest. But it could be displaced at anytime with a big organized push by those in favour of keeping child-killing legal. And these people have been known to get surprisingly serious about fooling Canadians into thinking the majority of Canada favours the evil of abortion.

We must win this contest and win it in a BIG way. That will debunk their propaganda and demoralize many of them. It will also encourage the average Canadian to be bolder and more confident in speaking their beliefs against abortion. More importantly it will help to embolden pastors, priests and Bishops to be more vocal in their opposition to this evil.

I’m asking every reader of this blog to get into Facebook and register your support for this Wish. Contact all your friends and urge them to do the same. Link to this posting if it will help.

But just DO IT!


You never have to use Facebook again if you don’t want to. And don’t worry, you won’t be flooded with email from Facebook after you sign up.

For the sake of unborn Canadians, one third of whom will be violently killed in the womb sometime between now and this time next year—over 100,000 in the next 365 days. Think if it were your life in danger. You also were once a fetus. Wouldn’t this be a small thing to ask?

We have until July 1 to put the counter through the roof. Let’s do it!


So I will try to make this as easy as possible, even for those of you who are computer challenged.

Attention those over 40 or 50: You now have no further excuse!!

Step 1: Print out this page with these steps on it so you’ll have the details in front of you at all times. Do it right now before you go to step 2.

Step 2: Register with Facebook by clicking here (or type this in your browser )

If you're concerned about privacy, you can use your first name and an initial. Fill in the form.

Click Register Now!

Step 3: You will now be on a screen that says:

Welcome, your account has been created!

You don’t have to fill in any information on this screen unless you want to.

Step 4: Look for the Search Bar on upper left hand side of screen

Type in the Search Bar these words: Great Canadian Wish List

Step 5: Takes you to a new screen with a list of various groups

Click on “The Great Canadian Wish List” group

Step 6: Takes you to the page “The Great Canadian Wish List”

On the right hand side of page click on “Browse All Wishes”

Step 7: Takes you to a page of wishes

First wish is “Abolish Abortion in Canada

In that box is a link that says “Add Support”

Click on that link.

Step 8: Takes you to a screen that asks you to confirm your support.

Click “Support” and YOU ARE DONE.

Thanks ever so much for helping to protect unborn children and to promote justice in Canada.


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