Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bias And Blindness Killing Down's Syndrome Children

Uncle Di blogged earlier this week on a Down Syndrome story that appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

As I noted in my previous blog entry, there has recently been a couple of very significant decisions reached by medical associations in Canada and the USA to screen all pregnant women for Down Syndrome children in the womb, and thereby give opportunity to abort.

In his blog posting, Uncle Di exposes another aspect of the absolute irrationality of the “poor-choice” medical professionals. When so-called “professionals” are so desperate to save the world from another “unfit” human being that they warn parents-to-be of a Down’s child to beware of the “rosy picture” painted by Down’s Syndrome support group, exactly who is it that needs counselling?

First off, the very fact that we're talking about a support group shows the persons involved can't be unaware of the hardship. But more to the point, since when does first-hand experience of a complex human situation disqualify the opinion of those who have it?

Yes, Uncle Di, that surely is BIAS, and the most deadly kind of bias.


Thanks again to Diogenes, he refers us to an excellent rebuttal of the news about increased prenatal screening. Take the time to read it because it gives welcome perspective.


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