Monday, January 29, 2007

Morgentaler: Saviour Or Monster?

Today is the 19th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling on abortion in Canada and The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia, is running a story on Henry Morgentaler in today's edition.

Morgentaler is
...Canada’s foremost abortion-rights crusader, who at age 83 has slowed down in the winter of life but remains as committed as ever to the cause he championed for decades.
Perhaps a review of the history will serve to remind us, not only of what we have lost as a nation, but also of what can be achieved by the determined efforts of one individual.

God help us to do better.

And God have mercy on Henry Morgentaler. Remember to pray for this man. As long as he lives there is hope he will find the salvation of God and acknowledge the evil of his past. Such news would deal a devastating blow to pro-abortion forces in Canada and the culture of death as a whole.


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