Sunday, January 28, 2007

Open Letter To A Tearful Grandmother

Stefan, in his usual delightful but serious and thorough way, writes an imaginary letter to a tearful grandmother who is seeking resources to convince young persons to be pro-life.

Stefan is VERY! Catholic so be warned. However he's also very gifted in logic and blessed with an enthusiasm for God and by natural extension, for life. His website,, is chock full of great resources, articles and links, many of them related to pro-life issues.

How can we convince young persons to be pro-life? If I knew, I'd go tell the Pope! The best I can do is a very imperfect Reading List for Pro-Choicers. But this list doesn't even itself fit on a few pages. Indeed, it "points" to other texts, which themselves "point" toward other texts, and so on.

Why be pro-life, unless we know the nature of the human soul? And how can we know the nature of the human soul, without studying the soul, Nature, and Philosophy? And how can we study Philosophy in a society where the very ideas of truth, good and evil, manners and wisdom are rejected? How can we even have the desire to study Philosophy if everything is mere belief, if each one of us has his or her values, if our conscience invents Ethics as we go along, if constructive debates are impossible, and if all we can do is follow intellectual fashions?

But it gets worse. How can we stay pro-life, if we're not equipped to answer pro-choice objections? And how can we answer pro-choice objections, if we're in a Church where many members of the clergy underhandedly encourage the acceptance of abortion? And how can we defend ourselves againt many Priests and Bishops in our Church without falling into hatred of that very Church, or excessive criticism, either to the left or to the right, or even sink into an apparently Catholic religious cult?

So now you know a little of Stefan's style... why not investigate his work further?


At 1:32 AM, Blogger SUZANNE said...

Belief is not just an individual thing, it's a cultural and collective thing.

We not only need more argument, and more witnesses. We need more artists and more media. We have to start forming our own pro-life community on line-- to "be together". There is strength in numbers. We have to have many networks-- literary, artistic, activist, political, etc.

We have to be dynamic-- not just a bunch of activists hammering the same note.

This is how social movements make political progress. We can't expect a political victory without cultural progress.

At 2:20 AM, Blogger Vote Life, Canada! said...

Yes I agree Suzanne. I'm not sure what exactly prompted your remarks, but I think the obvious truth is that there are relatively few Canadians with courageous convictions (moral strength) re defending the unborn. Therefore we also have few networks of such individuals.
Moral strength will only increase in Canada as more prolifers sacrifice themselves entirely in defense of the rights of the unborn. This in turn will inspire fellow Canadians to do the same.
Then we will see more and more of these networks you speak of.
Do you agree?

At 7:38 PM, Blogger SUZANNE said...

I definitively agree. We need more pro-lifers who will 1) devote themselves to the cause and 2) devote themselves ENTIRELY to the cause.


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