Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Miracle Fetus Turns Into A Baby At 21 Weeks

Nobody knows for sure when Amillia Sonja Taylor [Amillia means 'resilient fighter'] ceased being a fetus and became a real human--a baby-- but it happened so quickly that it is being called a modern day miracle.

Of course pro-lifers were the first to make sense of the mystery.

If you look at the photograph to the left you'll see the size of Amillia's feet at birth, on October 24th past. In the other photograph above you see the overall length of the tiny wonder in comparison to a pocket pen.

Video of Amillia, her family, doctor and nurses can be viewed here.

Apparently, Amillia was due to go home with her parents today but her doctor said tests showed she could have an infection because her white blood cell count was low. Amillia's doctor, Dr. Paul Fassbach, also said that if doctors had known Amillia's real gestational age, they might not have intervened at all since babies that young generally don't survive.

Dr. Fassbach reported that from the earliest stages of the emergency birth, Amillia's mother assured him that her child was "a fighter and she wanted to be here.”

I am confident that if we could conduct a poll among the unborn in Canada, all such fetuses would confirm their wish "to be here" as well.

Suzanne explores a few implications of this story.


Another story here of a miracle preemie who made it...from 18 years ago.


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