Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Theology Of Rgt. Rev. Ingham Will Kill Unborn Children

Recently, the Globe and Mail reported on the Right Rev. Michael Ingham.

The Christian Church has a deeply flawed understanding of sex that has led to morally groundless objections to masturbation, birth control, abortion and homosexuality, says a leading Canadian Anglican bishop.

"Christianity as a religion stands in need of a better theology of sexuality," he said, "a better understanding of the complex role sexuality plays in our human nature and of the purposes of God in creating us as sexual beings."

Here we see a further example of why Canada continues to plunge into the abyss. When a Christian leader denies basic truths of Christian revelation, openly contradicts 2000 years of Church teaching and tradition, and espouses his own new “theology,” which he claims will set people free, isn’t it time to cut that man free and let him do his “own thing?” Why should he be permitted a continued platform to spout his heresy?

Of course anyone is free to believe and to follow whatever they choose. God Himself forces no one to follow Him, but makes the consequences of rejecting Him very clear. Nobody is forcing this man to stay in the Anglican Church. In fact, somewhere along the line, he pledged a vow to remain true to the teachings of the Anglican Communion, a pledge noted by God and which he has severely violated.

He now works within the framework of the Church as a wolf, fomenting division and spreading poison amongst the faithful. He has already contributed greatly to the ongoing schism in the Anglican Communion by authorizing the blessing of same-sex unions in his diocese.

His teaching puts him at odds with not only the Anglican Communion, but with Roman Catholicism, most Protestant sects and the Orthodox Church.

The Christian Church needs order and discipline, administered in love, just as any “family” or other organized group of individuals. The consequences of failure in this area are a breakdown of the family or group, and resultant fallout in the society at large. Rev. Ingham is causing tremendous scandal within the Christian community and lending encouragement for dangerous and destructive human behaviour, abortion specifically included. One result of his rebellious antics will be further incitement for the sustained killing of innocent unborn children.

It is difficult to overestimate the effects such statements as Ingham’s have upon society at large. Because he has a high position in a church body within Canada, his words carry significant weight and afford much opportunity to be used by the enemy of our souls. Rather than fulfilling his role of being salt and light to the people of God, and thus to society at large, Ingham’s words will simply affirm many Canadians in their confusion and their skepticism [about what is true, and about the Christian faith].

What can we learn from this? The Christian Church is a close knit family and when one member falls, the entire family will feel the pain. Furthermore, society will also lose something valuable, i.e. a clear vision of what is good, and just and moral. As Christians we have a weighty responsibility to watch out for one another and to uphold one another.

The Christian community has obviously failed Rev. Ingham—and continues to fail him. Although Ingham was ordained to serve [and lead] God’s people, it was within the power and duty of Ingham’s church family to watch out for his soul all those years. Somehow he got off track and his [spiritual] family failed to help him recover from the snare of the devil. Perhaps it was apathy and/or fear, but whatever the reason, there was insufficient action taken to address Ingham’s spiritual need, and it was a failure, just as it is now a failure to tolerate the deception that spews from Ingham’s lips and poisons our society.

No one disputes the fact that children need correction and discipline if they are to live productive and orderly lives and it is the direct responsibility of the parents to see to this duty. In any family, parents and siblings play a vital role in watching out for the best interests of everyone in the family. Similarly within the Church family, Christians for twenty centuries have paid careful attention to such an approach because it is based not only upon natural laws, but upon the direct revelation of God through the Holy Scriptures.

The ordinary Christian often fails to understand the importance of his/her voice and action in supporting a fellow Christian in time of need. Likewise Christians fail to realize the powerful effect of their actions in helping to correct church leaders, even the removal of such leaders at times, and when they neglect such responsibility, their entire church family sinks lower and their Christian witness diminishes. The salt loses its savour. And so often, all that is required to avoid such a breach is a watchful eye, a simple word or two, perhaps a note or a letter here and there, perhaps only a meeting over coffee.

A little care and a little love. Or rather, it may simply be the doing of little things with great love.

And for neglect of such little things by an entire society, unborn children must die by the thousands.


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