Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unborn Children No Longer Safe In Peru and Portugal

Sad news out of Peru and Portugal yesterday.

Regarding Peru, LifeSiteNews reported

Peru, a pro-life country which in 2002 officially declared March 25 the "day of the unborn child," seems to have succumbed to international pressure to legalize abortion. The Peruvian daily "El Comercio" reports that a directive which went into effect in February allows for "therapeutic termination of pregnancy" up to the 22nd week of pregnancy.

We learn from this story that international pro-abortion advocates use a sophisticated strategy within an abortion-resistant country to first secure the concept of “therapeutic” abortion, under the guise of the “health of the mother.” Peru's former Minister of Health, Luis Solari, said, “therapeutic abortion was a euphemism for legalizing abortion for any reason.”

In Portugal, LifeSite reported,

the Portuguese Parliament approved legislation yesterday that would introduce early-term abortion on demand up to the 10th week of pregnancy, despite low voter support for the measure in the predominantly Catholic country.

Both stories are very distressing because they represent the beginning of new genocides soon to take place in both countries. These laws will most certainly soon result in the killings of many millions of innocent unborn children.

What is so very troubling about the stories is that Peru and Portugal are almost entirely Catholic in religious tradition, with 88% and 90% respectively. Considering the Catholic Church teaching regarding the grave injustice of abortion and the accompanying canonical penalties, we are left to conclude that the Catholic faith in both countries is shockingly weak, apathetic, and under the serious judgment of God. [as are Christians in Canada]

If only 10% of the Catholics in those countries had organized themselves into any sort of strong protest it would have been impossible for these laws to have passed. In Portugal, a country of 9.3 million Catholics, the best they could do before the referendum was to mount a protest of 18,000 people in the capital city. That represents less than two tenths of one percent of the entire Catholic population. If only 1% of the population had marched it would have been nearly 100,000 people!

Perhaps this tells us that by the time a nation of people are even discussing the idea of allowing mothers to legally kill their children in the womb, it’s already far too late. The very thought in a Christian’s mind, let alone in words spoken, ought to be inconceivable. When a mother can speak of the murder of her child without reproach the hearts of many have grown cold to God. Once people are having a debate nationally you know the devil is at the door and there may be no turning back without supernatural intervention.

What does that say about our situation in Canada? Without question, we need God’s intervention. But we, the Body of Christ, are His hands and His mouth. He chooses to be dependent on us in order to make known in our world His power and love. Will we hear His voice, loudly calling out on behalf of His precious little ones, and set out in suffering and sacrifice to restore their protection?

Or will we ignore His voice and continue to watch them die?


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