Monday, April 16, 2007

Number Of Hospitals Performing Abortions Decreasing

Focus on the Family Canada reported last week that the number of hospitals in Canada that perform abortions is falling.

The number of hospitals in Canada that perform abortions is falling, according to a study by a national pro-abortion group called Canadians for Choice (CFC).

As the Ottawa Citizen reported, the study found that only 15.9 per cent of general hospitals – or about one in six – offered abortion services in 2006, down from 17.8 per cent in 2003. And most of those lay within 150 kilometres of the U.S. border.

As a result, the study claims, women living in the more northerly parts of the country are forced to endure limited options and hardships when seeking abortions.

In Ontario, for example, only 33 out of 94 hospitals performed abortions in 2006 – and of these, only one hospital was located north of the Trans-Canada Highway.

CFC executive director Patricia LaRue said this means many women have to drive up to 14 hours to obtain an abortion. “The travel is really demanding on these women’s lives,” she told the Citizen. “Many have to hire a babysitter, pay for a bus or take time off work.”

How our conscience has been seared by nearly 40 years of legalized abortion in Canada! Many Canadians no longer even consider the unborn in any practical sense in the equation of abortion. “The travel is really demanding on these women’s lives,” says LaRue. But think how demanding it will be for the unborn human being who has to pay with his/her life at the end of the trip!

How twisted has the logic become! Protests are made that the mother will have to “hire a babysitter, pay for a bus or take time off work,” as though these are great “hardships” and sacrifices that ought not be asked of any Canadian woman, yet the air is silent about the sacrifice called for from the unborn.

The report notes that pro-abort LaRue attributes one of the reasons fewer hospitals perform abortions is a lack of trained abortionists, and says that “Canada’s medical schools are not required to teach physicians how to perform abortions.” I say, “With good reason!” When our hospitals are required to instruct their doctors in the art of death it will be an even more dangerous day not only for unborn Canadians but for all society.

LaRue complained that “Many hospital workers were either judgmental or very misinformed” when asked about what their facility offered by way of abortion services. This also I take as a good thing since it indicates that the consciences of many in the healthcare system are still repulsed by the thought of a mother killing her unborn child.

LaRue would have us feel guilty about this situation if she could because she, like all pro-abortion activists, will not be content until every Canadian finally agrees that abortion is a “private choice” that a mother makes and nobody else has any business interfering. So much for OUR “choice.” And fortunately for LaRue, Canadian laws don’t give house thieves and rapists similar freedoms.

The dynamics of abortion always returns to that same question: What is the unborn? Until we as a nation answer that truthfully and respond in justice, we are complicit in mass child killing.


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