Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vote Life, Canada! Seeking Provincial Directors

Just posted to the Vote Life, Canada! website:

Vote Life, Canada! is looking for Provincial Directors!

Vote Life, Canada! needs competent and dedicated ambassadors for the unborn who will take the Vote Life, Canada! message to Christian leaders on a provincial level.

A Provincial Director
  • is a Christian compelled to join in this David and Goliath struggle in Canada to defend precious and innocent unborn human beings created in the image of God.
  • must be willing to commit to the mission, vision, values and rationale of Vote Life, Canada! as expressed on the Vote Life, Canada! website.
  • must be well suited to the task of interacting with Christian leaders, particularly pastors and denominational leaders, and able to demonstrate such aptitude.
  • must have some background in Church leadership and preferably some degree of theological training. ยท must have two years or more of established activity in the pro-life cause, at the minimum level of local church or community.
  • must be willing to take responsibility for implementing the Vote Life, Canada! project and strategy for an entire province, or to work with an associate director if provincial needs demand it.
  • must raise his/her own financial support necessary for the work undertaken by Vote Life, Canada! within that province.
Vote Life, Canada! will provide the training and materials required to assist the Provincial Director in successfully launching the Vote Life, Canada! campaign in his/her province, as well as in advancing the ongoing work of Vote Life, Canada! in that province.

To discuss this opportunity please contact the following by
email, by letter mail, or by telephone.

Eric Alcock, President

Vote Life, Canada!

Suite 287, 7620 Elbow Drive SW,

Calgary, AB T2V1K2



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