Friday, April 20, 2007

Pluralism, Tolerance And Abortion

From STR blog
The principles of pluralism and tolerance as practiced today make moral judgments impossible. Yet moral judgment is fundamental to social reform - judging some practices wrong and other good. Here's a clever anecdote that illustrates the point well.

The British general Charles James Napier assigned to British-run India was informed that he just didn't understand Indian customs. He couldn't ban the practice of wife-burning, he was told, because it was an ancient and valued tradition in India. He said he understood and appreciated that. It was just that "my country also has a custom." he explained. "We hang people who burn women." His custom won out.

Some things are obviously evil, yet modern tolerance doesn't permit us to make judgments. The only way social ills and evils can be reformed, is to make a moral judgment that it's wrong and must be changed.

Abortion is wrong and must be changed. Like wife burning, there is no middle ground because it ALWAYS results in the death of another human being.

Feminists would immediately scream: "So now you're saying we should hang women who have abortions!"

That would be a typical statement to hear from a pro-abort in order to distract from the point. So to clarify for those who don't always hear the obvious, what I am simply saying is that abortion, like wife burning, needs to be made ILLEGAL.


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