Monday, April 16, 2007

In Canada Would It Have Been Murder?

Judie Brown of ALL writes in her blog about Nicole Marie Beecroft, age 17, who stabbed her newborn child 135 times and then disposed of the body in a garbage bag which she placed in a garbage can outside her home.

Judie asks,
Isn't murder always the same? Isn't such a grisly act always wrong?

Could it be that Nicole simply acted out what she felt was permissible because she knew that an abortionist would have done the same thing? Was she under the impression that a woman's choice could be made at any time, even after a baby is born? Did she think that an "unwanted pregnancy" could be eliminated either before or after birth?

Nobody knows the answers to these questions, of course, but it should give us pause to reflect on what happens after 34 years of publicly defending a woman's-a mother's-right to control her own body.

When a 17 year old girl like Nicole grows up in a culture that consistently expresses a view that a pregnant woman should be the only one to decide whether or not she wants to be pregant, could that message have such a profound affect on a young girl that she would resort to such a despicable act?

Nicole Marie Beecroft now stands accused of murder. But had she paid an abortionist to solve her problem, she would never have been charged with a crime at all. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Yes, definitely something is wrong. And it could easily have happened in Canada, considering we have NO laws restricting abortion, right up until the unborn child exits the womb.

The killing of innocent human beings is ALWAYS wrong, but it gets more grisly, convoluted and demonic when it is made legal. That's when all of society loses its bearings.

And this kind of story simply reveals the madness.


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