Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vietnam Major Killer Of Unborn Children

Last week I blogged on the abortion rate in South Korea.

Today I read a story out of Hanoi, Vietnam. It's positively frightening.

They are killing females in the womb at a higher rate than males. This is shocking but nothing new considering parents' preference in that culture of having male children.

Apparently Vietnam is listed in the group of countries having the highest rate of abortion in the world, with the average Vietnamese woman going through 2.5 abortions in her lifetime. This means some women have as many as 10 abortions in their lifetime.

I couldn't believe the figures so I started to do some investigation. It turns out the figures are accurate. But unbelievable.

A German expert group working with local authorities puts the total number of abortions at 4 million a year. This would mean abortions outstrip live births by more than 2 to 1, far greater than in China or Japan, two other Asian countries with high rates.

With a population of 83 million in Vietnam and an abortion rate of 4 million yearly, this would be equivalent to a Canadian rate of more than 1.5 million yearly. Canada's rate is already horrendous at 100,000 every year, but minuscule in numbers to Vietnam's.

How cheap has life become in this world?

God have mercy on us all.


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