Saturday, March 17, 2007

Abortion Leading To New International Crisis In Kidnapping And Human Trafficking

As if abortion were not causing sufficient havoc within Canada and the western world, increasingly we hear very alarming reports such as this report from the Epoch Times.

Because of the availability of cheap ultrasound scans multiple millions of females are being aborted in Asian countries like China and India for simple reasons of sex selection, mostly because of their long-standing preference for boys.

The delicate natural sex ratio is being disturbed in these countries and we are hearing more warnings that this is leading to social instability. Such instability is already leading to an increase in international kidnapping and human trafficking.

China is enduring a double whammy in this regard because of its government enforced policy of one child per family.
But China's strict one-child policy, implemented in 1979 to reduce the population, has severely upset the gender balance in that country. A January report in the China Daily estimated that there will be 30 million more men than women of marriageable age in China by 2020, leading to possible widespread social unrest. Already, the skewed sex ratio has resulted in a rise in the kidnapping and trafficking of women, both within the country and internationally. Mail order bride services have mushroomed, which, for a fee of up to $2,400, import wives for Chinese men from other countries, especially Burma.
What are the overall numbers involved in this sinister discrimination against the female sex?
In 2005, a U.N. report stated that the number of "missing" girls resulting from abortion and female infanticide is now at an estimated 200 million worldwide. In an effort to combat the problem, the U.S. last week sponsored a resolution at the U.N.'s Commission on the Status of Women calling on states to eliminate infanticide and gender selection.
However, thanks to opposition from China, India, Mexico and other countries, including Canada, the resolution was withdrawn. Shocking isn’t it?!! Why would Canada oppose such a worthwhile resolution?

The answer is simple. Canada has one of the most liberal policies on abortion in the world. In fact it has NO LAWS whatever respecting abortion. The pro-abortion cabal in Canada is powerful and entrenched.
"The Canadians are constantly trying to get the language of women's rights into everything, and they claim that they're doing this as a matter of justice. But their goal it seems is to get a universal right to abortion—that's the bottom line for them," says Douglas.
If we needed more proof of the perverse and pigheaded stance of Canadian pro-abortion forces, whose only god appears to be the god of unrestricted abortion access, the article refers to a position paper by ARCC, the “resource and watchdog for abortion rights in Canada.”
And although many who are "pro-choice" draw the line at aborting a fetus because of gender preference, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has issued a position paper on sex selection stating, "It is important to remember that we cannot restrict women's right to abortion just because some women might make decisions we disagree with."
Well they are consistent in at least one regard. Let’s face it, when you’re already in favour of killing unborn children at will, and upon a whim at times, with no particular attention given to the sex of the child, why would you be bothered if some group suddenly started to focus on one sex over the other? On what basis would that suddenly be immoral and constitute grounds for protest?

Michael J. McManus wrote on this same subject two days ago in Virtue Online, in an article entitled “Holocaust of Female Babies.”

Here’s Michael’s introduction:
While 200,000 people have been slaughtered in the Darfur area of Sudan, there is a much more horrific holocaust underway that has killed perhaps100 million female babies.

This is a war "against nature, civilization and in fact humanity itself," says Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute.

It is so serious that millions of men are unable to find wives, and are paying to have them stolen from other countries, and sold in vast sex trafficking schemes.

Yet have you heard of this issue? I bet not. This slaughter is happening under the world's radar and has been barely reported by the press.
Honest to God, the only ones who can really do anything about this “war against nature, civilization and in fact humanity itself” are Christians. But I fear that without God’s mercy and miraculous intervention, we Christians are already too doped up and lethargic to be able to muster a fight of any significant proportion. I mean, how many Christians have any idea of such happenings, let alone the significance of these kinds of horrors?

So is this the war that will finally swallow us up, a silent war that creeps upon mankind malignantly and slowly and in the end smothers us?


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