Monday, April 09, 2007

Big Blue Wave Reports on Canada's Late Term Abortions

Big Blue Wave has been running a series of posts lately on late term abortions in Canada. Her latest posting is entitled Research on late-term abortion in Ontario.

The reality of late term abortions [or PBA (partial birth abortions)] in Canada is a grisly one, although no more morally problematic than any other abortion, but nevertheless a reality well kept in the darkness.

Perhaps a good post to start with if you’d like to look further into Suzanne’s findings is this one.

Then you can take it from there.

If you thought Canada was a civilized country up until now, you might think otherwise after learning about the PBA atrocities committed daily by its medical profession, the complicity of politicians in legalizing abortion and keeping it legal, and the virtual silence of Canadians, especially Christians.


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