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Only One Question To Answer: What Is The Unborn?

In a Viewpoints section of one of Boston’s university newspapers, a freshman student goes on record with her perspective of human rights.

It’s worth reading because it offers a study in the shallow and non-critical thinking of today’s young college women. This young freshman, Alyssa, has a full life ahead of her [God willing!] and it will be a great shame if she does not progress any further in her attitudes towards the unborn. Judging by the fact that she is in her freshman year and already she’s been recruited by the feminists through their “Reproductive Rights and Social Justice Conference,” I’d say Alyssa’s attitudes will grow even more prejudiced against the unborn.

Alyssa starts out by expressing a desire to talk about oppression, which, it would seem, was brought to her attention at the above mentioned Conference. She notes,

I never realized that I was part of a group that is still under a great deal of oppression. But it turns out, even in America in 2007, women still face sexism just as much as other minorities still face racism (which, I am ashamed to say, I also learned this weekend).

She begs the “self-proclaimed pro-lifer” to not tune her out because her goal

is not to impose my own beliefs, but to present the issue from a new perspective: one of human rights and the oppression of half the world's population, in which certain opinions, although personal, are detrimental to women's health and livelihood.

Although I am proudly and passionately a pro-choice feminist, I seek to try to bridge some of the gaps between the two thought camps. Of course, I can't help my bias and will certainly be pushing a "pro-choice agenda," but I feel that it is essential to women that other people see this issue as extremely important.

And so her thoughts flow on, never seeming to coming close to the all important question of “What is the unborn? Are they human, and if so, what of their rights?”

No, the question is never asked, which, by default, indicates that in fact it has been answered already in the negative: No, the unborn are not human; they must not be human. How could they be considered human and yet their human rights disregarded so? How could they possibly be human considering that we speak of ending their lives?

The unborn MUST be dehumanized first in order to be killed. Their humanity MUST be denied because the conclusion would be too shocking: We are killing human beings, and the law is allowing it. This is to think the unthinkable.

What is the unborn? That’s the question to be answered honestly in the abortion debate. Alyssa came somewhat close to the question when she said,

Sometimes, I do falter in my beliefs. Last night as I helped baby-sit the child of a Tufts mother at the Senate meeting, I caught a glimpse of the legalize abortion sticker on my bag. For a second, it occurred to me that this adorable, energetic boy full of life could have been aborted.

But Alyssa is quite blinded and overcome by the pro-abortion rhetoric and slogans. She ends her piece,

But the thing is a woman needs the ability to make decisions about her own body. After all, doesn't a woman know best?

Take note Alyssa, it’s not about “her own body,” or “choice,” or “reproductive freedom,” or “rape victims.”

Answer the question, “What is the unborn?” and you’ve answered all the rest.

Take note pro-lifers, that it is pointless to engage people like Alyssa on all the other questions, which are only rabbit trails anyway. Focus on the main question, get yourself equipped to discuss abortion on that level, or first on a more basic level, and Alyssa and her friends will start thinking differently.



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