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Playing Catch-Up For Life

There's a long list of news and articles of interest and benefit to the Christian concerned about the defense of human life in our time. I've been falling behind so I'll play catch up here and now.

Speaking of a book released just recently by the National Geographic Society entitled In the Womb, Albert Mohler says, "One Look and Your Eyes Are Opened!" He notes
The public discussion about the power of ultrasound and modern imaging technologies has revealed something fascinating -- the pro-abortion movement does not want us peering into the womb. The view inside the womb transforms the moral debate over abortion. Once that image is seen, the vocabulary necessarily changes.

MInTheGap also writes on the power of the ultrasound.
But my sympathy for the beliefs of people who oppose abortion is enormous, and it grows almost by the day. An ultrasound image taken surprisingly early in pregnancy can stop me in my tracks. In it is much more than I want to know about the tiny creature whose destruction we have legalized: a beating heart, a human face, functioning kidneys, two waving hands that seem not too far away from being able to grasp and shake a rattle.

Chuck Colson warns America about the "soothing lies" coming out of China and the need for Christians to "insist that the price of business cannot include acquiescence to evil." That same message of Christians speaking up against evil--all kinds-- is urgent for Canadians as well. Will we heed the message in time?
A few weeks ago, Liane Yage, a pastor in China’s Guangxi province and his wife, Wei Linrong, were expecting their second child. Since enforcement of China’s infamous “one-child policy” has reportedly become more lax, they expected to get away with paying a fine—a small price for having a second child.

That’s not what happened. On April 16, officials invaded their home and told Wei that she must have an abortion, which, as a Christian, she refused. Officials made it clear that if she did not go voluntarily, they would carry her to the hospital.

When Wei was taken to the hospital, she saw that it was “full of women who’d been brought in forcibly”—some to be sterilized and others for abortions. Wei was given three injections in her abdomen and, within two days, delivered a still-born child.

Here's a few personal stories touching the "A-word," aka Killing of the Unborn.

Anna Chernocke has a fascinating story of a last minute change of heart that saved her a lifetime of grief. It's also a very unusual account of the abortion doctor's response. Read it. You'll be glad you did!

The Anchoress is carrying a post entitled Resisting “the big T(ermination)” in pregnancy. It's another one of the "miracle in the womb" stories where the doctor's dire predictions of the child's survival proved mysteriously wrong.

Here's a man who admits that every abortion, not only the partial birth kind, is a gruesome one and then sets about to have two of the four unborns in his wife's womb killed. Not a pretty story at all and no nice ending but it will give you insight into the heartless thinking of those forced to make the Choice.

Cynthia Collins, Louisiana State Leader, says "During one abortion, part of my baby was left inside … Abortion hadn’t solved my problem, it added to my pain.”

From the Florida Baptist Witness: Cathleen Gray shared some life lessons in her new book Good Morning, Beautiful to encourage other women who may be struggling with past sins and depression, including sins of abortion.

********** reports UK Clinic to Weed Out Embryos for Cosmetic Defects. This shouldn't be so surprising. It's in the nature of evil to demand more and more of the souls of its victims. The slippery slope leads all the way to hell, doesn't it?
Doctors at a British fertility clinic will begin screening embryos for cosmetic defects, the first time a license to do so has been issued in the country.

A business man and his wife applied to London’s Bridge Centre family clinic for screening procedures to ensure an embryo would be created without the father’s genetic eye disorder--the man and his father both have an eye condition which gives them a severe squint.

Expect to hear quite a lot of news coming out of Brazil this week, considering the Pope's five day visit starts on Wednesday. Brazil is in serious state of confusion on the question of killing the Unborn and the Pope is expected to speak out very directly on the subject.
Pope Benedict XVI has changed his schedule in the last few days so he might have more time to prepare the speeches he will make in Brazil. The Brazilian government seems impatient to know what are the themes the pontiff wishes do discuss with Lula, in the meeting they are going to have on Thursday, May 10.

The Vatican has already made it clear that the guest country doesn't decide the themes to be discussed by the pope and that Brazil, at most, can give suggestions of what it would like to talk about. The Church has hinted, however, that Benedict XVI will have a strong message against abortion. He should also discuss the flight of catholics to evangelical churches.


David Gushee on being consistently pro-life. Widen your perspective on life issues and the Christian.


The facts are there of how society has been duped by the lies of pro-abortion forces for many decades, particularly in the years preceding the legalization of child-killing. Dave Kopel provides an excellent flashback from a Colorado viewpoint. In 1967 Colorado was the first state to legalize abortion. Kopel says the state was duped big-time!


I'll try to cover more in the next post!


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