Monday, May 28, 2007

YC Alberta 2007 A Smashing Success For Life

This past weekend, Vote Life, Canada! travelled to Edmonton to the YC Alberta youth conference. With an expected 16,000 participants it promised to be a very busy time indeed at the Vote Life, Canada! booth.

We were not disappointed.

Over the three days we were able to bring the message and plight of Canada’s Unborn to hundreds, perhaps thousands of young Christians. Thanks to a very generous donation by one Vote Life, Canada! supporter in particular, we had magazines, pamphlets, brochures, photographs, pens, wristbands, T-shirts, stickers, CD’s, DVD’s, fetal models, and more to give away to the youth. In all, we distributed about 8,000 promotional items.

Very importantly, we were able to get our Pastor and Church Leader Resource Kits into the hands of about 70 individuals and the vast majority of these pastors and leaders were very eager to receive them. Many, many seeds were sown in the hearts and minds of those who stopped by our booth and the expressions on the faces of many young people were strong testimony to the impact of hearing the truth about the battle for lives of unborn children.

Over 75 young people indicated an active concern to do something to assist in the cause of the Unborn and provided contact information in order for Vote Life, Canada! to do the necessary follow up. We were also able to expand our email database considerably.

Although we had hoped to be able to conduct a breakout session at YC we were too late in applying and there was no room for additional speakers but the event was nevertheless a great success.

Now comes the task of analyzing the Vote Life, Canada! presence at YC Alberta 2007 and planning the many changes and additions which will make it an even more powerful event at future youth conferences. Already there are dozens of exciting possibilities which seem to be unfolding and which hold great promise in assisting in the future protection of unborn children in Canada!

More updates to come!


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